"Never Gonna Craft Again"...

*my sister said i should change my blog title to that. i think she miiiighta been hinting at something, but astrid tends to be subtle with these things, so who knows....
*this post is kind of like a diamond.... it was created under of pressure....not because it's going to be some sort of gem. a gem it will certainly not be. i don't have a gem of a post in me. 
*my hundreds of fans (okay, 3) have been pestering me to write something. but what do you write when you can't think of anything to say?!?
*thus the perfect makings for a random thoughts post. i'm a random kinda gal, so this works out just fine for me.
*i've been a sad sad creature in the crafting/photography department as of late.
*we just had our friends ryan, meg and little asher here for a visit and not one picture was taken (except the terribly crappy phone camera variety).
*we had a fabulous visit with them, but they got a good dose of what it was like to have a husband in residency. zach was supposed to be home friday night, and all day saturday and sunday....NOPE. he was home for some of saturday and then all of sunday. oh well. what can you do?? these things can't be helped.
*on sunday zach told me, "sooooo, i probably wont see you guys until next sunday... this week's going to be crazy" ah yes, nothing like a comment like that to get you pumped for the week.
*on a happier note, i was baptized a few weeks back! 
*one of the most fabulous things was aubrey was there to see it. zach told me she yelled out, "that's my mama!' when she saw me get in the baptismal tank. TOO PRECIOUS!
*we didn't get to go to church this past sunday and i was watching our church on tv (yup, it's one of those mega churches) and they showed my baptism on tv! 
*this makes me all kinds of pumped! i was really hoping/praying it would be televised so maybe a non-believer would be able to see it and a seed would be planted in their hearts :) 
*caleb is sick. 
*having a sick 6 month old who already got an 'F' in sleeping is not fun. 
*what's worse than an F?? F-'?? he gets that. 
*my new favorite show is Go On. seriously, it's soooo good!
*oh matthew perry, so funny.
*not going to lie, i love me some breaking amish as well.... although the latest episode had the feel of jersey shore... might not make the cut anymore. oh the rogue amish getting into trouble.
*it's still hot here. seriously. october 16th and hot. everyone sick of me whining yet?! 
*i'm sick of having to still be whining about the weather.... cuz it's still hot....on october 16th. ugh.
*i think i'm going to ride this wave and go get crafty now. 
wish me luck....


Amy said...

well, You can whine all you want about the weather because there is something wrong about being Fall and it being HOT outside. Weird.
Your a super Star in the Baptismal World Of Mega Church TV. That is way cool. I hope you planted a seed. But seriously Jen, I bet you are collecting Crowns up in Glory for all the Seeds that Have been Sown and Reaped and All that. It was supposed to be a compliment and I just ended up Rambling.... Oh well. How Amazing For Aubrey to be able to witness Your Faith Like that. I so so so wished I could have been there with you too.
Sorry Caleb is a sick Baby, NO FUN. Not one bit.
and why is he getting an F in sleeping. He needs the soothing sounds of Jen and Amy ... and perhaps the signature piece. to lull him. As for Breaking Amish.... ... CRAZY. CRAZY. CRAZY. i didn't see last week.... All I know is that Sara watched the first one and after that I said nope not watching that Rogue Amish kids. lol
and boy does it just suck to have a blog with nothing to write about.... your singing to the choir.

Astrid said...

Baby Taylub was due in F in sleeping----you getting all the sleep to begin with just wasn't right. However, that still sucks. I'm sure he's brewing a full set of teeth that will make their appearance any day now.
I quite like your new title, however, i do hope it's not the truth;) I enjoy being on the receiving end of your crafiness...keep it coming.
Yay for baptisms, and yay for tv converage. Is it something I can look at on the tinternet?!? I would love to see it!Since I couldn't be there in person, watching it now would be fantastisch!!
I hear ya on the no husbandio department---haven't seen my for a week now either. What's with these hard-working men that we married?!?!? Atleast we get to stay at home with our childrens and enjoy ourselves some coffee after we've had a sleepless night ;)
And yes---I am sick of you whining. I would LOVE some of that hear over here. We are dressed in winter clothing from head-to-toe, and have been since last winter. This does not make me happy. And the torrential downpour that we've suffered for 3 solid days doesn't make me any happier!! Whateva girl. If it's not one thing, it's your mother!!

Astrid said...

Wow. I just re-read that and I have made so many grammatical errors. This does not make me happy. I also blame lack-of-sleep, although mine is self-inflicted!! Whateva girl!