Looking Back....

I dug out my old external hard drive today. When I plugged that sucker in, I found a whole lotta wonderful...

Pictures from the Europe trip that Zach and I took right before we moved to Grenada.... back before this whole become-a-doctor business.... back before we had kids... we were pretty much still kids ourselves... anyway, moving on...

All these pictures were taken on a point and shoot and are nothing spectacular, but I edited them a bit and I just love them! It's probably the memories that are making them look even more fabulous to me.
I'll take it.
The first two shots were in Salzburg and the rest are from Venice.

Oh man my heart is aching to go back! It's been WAY too long and sadly it will be even longer until we get to go again.

Oh well, looking at old pictures will have to do for now

I. Miss. Europe.


Amy said...

Wow. Those are insanely beautiful, see ithis just proves the point.... It is not the camera its the eyes behind the lens.
I wanna go to europe. I wanna i wanna i wanna..... Okay enough whinning.

Astrid said...

I TOTALLY forgot that you guys had taken a trip into Europe---Salzburg and Venice?!? No idea! The pictures are beautiful. And Amy, you DO have to go to Europe. I think me and Jo take it so for granted--it's so easy for us to nip across and go somewhere with a COMPLETELY different culture ( not easy in the sense that we have 3 anchors, I mean, children, but easy in the geography sense;)
Beautiful Jen. And one day we shall go, by ourselves, and have a shopping spree in Milan:)