My Days....

have been filled with these two jokers :) 

And I'm lovin' it! They are just two of the most precious people EVER!
I mean, look at this face?!

Caleb has been given the, very appropriate, nickname "Perfect Baby". This kid is no fuss... at. all. EVER.
He's the most go with the flow baby... except for today, but I'm going to pretend that his day full of crying just didn't happen. 
It's kinda like Olympic judging, eliminate the highest and lowest score.
So moving on....

Aubrey's so in love with him (still and we're past the 'novelty' stage) and it's almost to the point of painful. Fo reals. 
She and Caleb had well baby visits on the same day(thus the dueling band aid picture). She got her 4 year shots and he his 2 month ones--- and she felt it was her mission to "help" him even more that day.
This kid puts the "mother" in "smother"....
the "S" on "mother"....
she's all up in his business.
But I'll take her obsessive, possessive love of him over a kid who is jealous ANY day.

And in unrelated news.... It's hot in Georgia. 
Hide in your house hot.
Walk to the mailbox and break out into a sweat, hot.
Will I ever get used to this?!?


Amy said...

Good Gracious... THOSE are some very beautiful children! I miss them. and may I just be the first to say, YAY, YIPPIE, YAHOO. Jen, found the computer again.
I missed you. and no I don't think you will ever get used to that Georgia HOT. Gross.

Kimberley said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE them! They are BOTH incredibly, ridiculously adorable, but how freakin' CUTE is Caleb....ugh....makes me desperate to come visit you so bad!! You're kids rock - and I agree, smothering Aubrey is better than jealous Aubrey. Hugs to you all!

Sean and Kristin said...

Wow you guys make some gorgeous kids!!! Love the pics and sorry about the heat!

Astrid said...

Jennifife-- you're killing me. Are you kidding me with that picture of baby Tay-lub?!? My uterus aches. Love him and Aub-Meist, and love that they both share equally cool nicknames;) Our kids sure do love lovin on each other! That's how we roll!!