Oh hi there. 
*insert elaborate turn to a camera with cheesy grin* 
I'm Jen.
You might remember me from such blog posts as
"Aubrey's 4th Birthday" and "One Month And Charleston"....

I know, I know... It's been a while. But guess what?? I'm not going to give some lame excuse.
Seriously. I'm not because I don't need one.
That's right. I'm owning my blog hiatus. In fact, I didn't just take a blog break. I kinda took an Internet break... really a computer break.
*insert a pat on my own back*
I didn't mean to, just kinda did and I feel fabulous :)

Anyhoop, I'm back and will hopefully be posting regularly again. 
You're welcome.


Kimberley said...

hehe,I love your post! You can post like that anytime, still makes me smile! Miss You!

Astrid said...

Well, well, well..........look who's back on the web. After all this time of me checking to see if you left a new post, only to see Aubrey's 4th Birthday, it's a refreshing change! Disappointed at the lack of pictures, but still thankful that you're back. Atleast you still do blog posts.....that makes you better than me!
Looking forward to hearing more in the future ;)

Sean and Kristin said...

Yay! Can't wait to see your upcoming posts!!

Amy said...

My goodness.... I am elated.... I thought maybe you had thrown your computer away for good..... (which would not be so awfull,) so happy you are back... I have missed you ....

Marcy said...

No joke, this is probably one of my top 5 favorite blog posts of yours. You are one clever Kliewer.