A Random Wall Collage....

I'm trying to actually get things on the walls in this house...
yes, I've lived here for almost 8 months and I'm just now getting around to hanging things.
It's just the way things are ;)
Thank goodness for this "nesting" that has kicked in or else I think they'd be bare forever!
This house has super high ceilings and big bare walls and I keep drawing a blank as to how to decorate them with more than just pictures.
Enter wall montage/collage...

This area was my first attempt in the living room and I'm loving it! I went with a "natural" kinda theme, but it felt like it was missing something at the very bottom before Christmas (I had plonked a Christmas thingy there for the time being).
Leave it to the ever craft Amy and the Christmas package she sent me with a lovely dictionary page wreath she made me!
Filled in the last spot and I love it!
Sorry there's no close up of it, I'll have to get a shot of that another day.
And the painting of the farm/horse was a random thing I got at a garage sale and I originally got it for the frame, but when I brought it home I just fell in love with the whole thing! Oh $2 art, you make me happy :) 

And remember these perdy things?!?....

Well, I have to say, one of them turned was a crafty success and the other a giant FAIL! 
I'm not done with the transformation, but I'll hopefully have an after picture (and plenty of the epic "fail") up tomorrow.... we'll see if I can fix that one. 
Might be more than one human can do though ;)


Amy said...

Looks great. I need you to assit me with a wall collage thingy.... By the way.... I cant beleive you put that picture of us with pw... On the wall... (you know the one where pw is leaning away from me as i inch my way ever closer to here....) hysterical i am hysterically laughing right about now..... If anyone sees me they will know for sure that i have lost my mind. So fun y that you hace this because this morning i was sitting here thinking about that fun trip into the city in the snow..... What a fun trip!

Love it jen looks great!

Astrid said...

I love everything about that wall---and I'm a little offended that I didn't get the same Christmas package in my post ;)
Don't you think it's wrong that those Duck pictures would fit in so well at Mom and Dad's house?! Hilarious!