Things Goin' Round My Head....

*I had no computer this weekend.... it was oddly nice.
*Zach had the weekend off
*in our world, that means he was working at home all weekend because he's crazy and had to prepare five presentations for this coming weekend.
*Yup, five. Over achieve much?!?
*Zach's too smart. Yeah, I said it.

*all that to say, he still spent tons of time with Aubrey and of course made time for the Super Bowl ;)
*oh, and he vacuumed for me....pretty sure I said "I do" all over again when he did that... it's the little things that make a marriage go round people!

*we're headed to a conference this coming weekend.... by "we" I mean Zach is and it's close enough that we get to tag along and benefit from the free hotel room :)
*it's at a Ritz Carlton a few hours from us
*um RITZ CARLTON....for free?!? I'm SO in!
*Zach being an aggressively smart, over achiever has it's benefits ;)
*I love my husband.
*only he would get us a 2 night stay at the Ritz when we're dirt poor!

*my "nesting" is in full force. 
*I'm hauling out all the gender neutral clothing we have for baby and washing it all.
*I'm ripping off all the cloth parts of the baby bouncers, mats, etc to wash them...
*not sure why, but I feel I need to get this all done today.
*it has really start to hit me, with all this contraction and dehydration drama I've had, that this baby can come at any time... and we're SO not prepared!
*names?! Nope.
*crib up? Nope.
*sewing projects I planned on getting done?! Not even close.
*time to get my butt in gear.


Amy said...

Sweet! the ritz carlton! Yay for your husband and his brains.....relax and enjoy yourselves.... Sounds amazing.
You dont have to get it all done today for pete's sake....
Although you may want to start thinking about some names.

Marlene said...

hey there's a ritz here ... ?

Marlene said...

okay worked out it's probably not here, schade. don't work so hard jen, you'll be missing good old fashioned sleep when baby arrives.

Astrid said...

I loved it when you finally got the bug to get everything organized---makes it all feel so real. Hope that little Ninja realizes that it still needs to incubate in your belly for some more time!
Love Aub-meist in those pictures. Her and Cobs are just kindred spirits!

Marcy said...

Lovin' the Aubrey pictures! I'm curious to know what these 5 presentations were about. I agree with you that Zach is insanely smart. But I just want to brag for a moment to say that I did better than him in tests sometimes in grade 12 Math. That's right, I still remember that!