Tin Ceiling Tile Magnetic Board....

I saw an amazing home the other day on the Home Made Lovely series on the Life Made Lovely blog.
I. want. this. woman's. home.
Yup, coveting. 
If you haven't checked out this series, then I suggest you do because the homes that are shown look real, lived in and fabulous! 
Nothing overly magazine-a-fied, just real peoples cute, crafty homes.
Anyway, back to my project...

I saw that she had a ceiling tin that she used to put pictures up on and suddenly remembered this little diddy I had kicking around and never really knew what to do with.
I just have had it placed in various spots in our last 2 places we've lived and always knew it was good for something (other than just looking fabulous!)...

I didn't ever think about it's magnetic capabilities... until I saw the one in the post.
And I'm so glad I did! I love it, it's simple and I can switch out the pics whenever I want.
Perfect for this fickle woman.

I would love to finish the edges with something (not quite sure what) but for the time being, I kinda like the rough looking edges.
I'm also wanting to make some magnets to match a bit better, I just threw on what I had laying around because I was just excited to try it!
Not bad for a $2 find at a garage sale a few years back :)

And for my next project....

aren't they hideous?!? 
Yet I have a plan for these puppies (that I got for a $1 for the pair) and I just need to wait for the husband to have some time off work so he can help me with the painting part :)

I'm excited to see how/if it'll turn out...


Amy said...

HAHA... when I saw that project I thought... HEY JEn has a tin ceiling tile.... she can do that. COOL... and I love that shot of maddie at the beach. Oh what a wonderful day that was.

can not wait to see what you are going to do with those. And Mrs Mallard. Maddie would love them just the way they are....

Astrid said...

The ceiling tile--- ya, it's cool, but those duck pictures are amazing!! I cant believe that you are contemplating ruining them! Shame on you!