One Proud Mama!!

This precious little girl of mine prayed and asked Jesus into her heart this week!

Zach and I could not be more excited! We are absolutely bursting with pride and excitement and to quote Zach, "what more could a parent ask for?!?"
Amen to that :) 

Love her and I'm so proud she's a part of God's family (not to mention mine!). 


Amy said...

praise God, Jen! You and Zach are amazing examples of Christ's shining light.

Katie said...

Yeah! What a reason to celebrate!

Elise said...

That is the best news of all, isn't it?!?! Hooray!!!
Came here via Life Made Lovely...I live in Ga, too!!

Astrid said...

How I love my little Aub-Meist. And Amy is right Jen-- it's testament to you and Zach that Aubrey has already asked Jesus into her heart-- still grinning over here too!!