Well That Escalated Quickly....

Today has been a low-key day. 
I needed it after yesterday....
Let's just say yesterday took a turn for the crazy.
I had a scheduled midwife appointment at 1:30 and it was one that Zach was able to come to...
should have seen that as a sign. 
My nurse/midwife has her clinic in the hospital where Zach works so he always tries to come, but usually can't get away from the clinic where he works.
To make a long intro short (well, shorter) the baby had a high heart rate when the midwife did the routine check....and it didn't go down.
They decided to send me to L&D(because they were not busy) to have it monitored and as we were leaving the midwife kept saying, it should go down and not to worry.
So we didn't.
But as soon as we got to L&D, things escalated...rapidly.
Seriously... as in, we wandered in, met our super-cute-and-sweet-nurse-that-we-pray-is-there-for-my-delivery (and she was calm), then out of nowhere 3 more nurses burst in (one being the classic "battle axe") and it all went wonky from there.
They looked panicked, did every sort of test, threw in an IV and had me and baby monitored for a few hours.
I remember looking at Zach and saying the line from Anchorman "well that escalated quickly".
He was calm as ever and I figured that I'd take my cue from him and do the same. 
I kept saying to myself, if my medically inclined husband is not freaked, I wont be either.
The baby's heart rate was still high (normal is 120-160 and baby was rocking a 190 spiking to 200...awesome.)
Through all this, Zach was able to stay and what a blessing that was because I had Aubrey with me and  poor thing would have been lost with out him there. 
I have to say, she was awesome and didn't have the "what's happening to my mama" freaked out face at all. She was Chatty Cathy with all the staff and was the perfect child while there :) 
In the end, the heart rate settled down again (after the IV was in for about 20 minutes) and it was determined that I was dehydrated.
I, Jennifer The Camel Klaassen, was dehydrated. 
Anyone who knows me will laugh at this.
I drink MASS amounts of water everyday...
I'm addicted to water...
I get angry if I'm thirsty.
What the heck?!?
So needless to say, I'm upping my water intake... didn't know that would even be possible...
I'm just SO thankful that it didn't get any crazier. 
The Lord was watching out for us and answered our prayers.... big time.
So, like I said, today was a 'take it easy' day, even though I'm feeling fine.... 
...and I'm slamming back the water :)


Amy said...

PrAise God for quickly answering prayers of protection and calmness for you and your family. So glad you were able to have a take it easy day. Praying for you and lt's saftey! Love you all.
How awesome that you were quoting anchorman!


Oh the battle axe...... Hope you dont get her for delivery!

Kimberley said...

oh man...I totally got the biggest smile on my face when you said "Jennifer the Camel Klaassen" was dehydrated...I agree, NOT possible!! Haha, do they not know you?!?! That's awesome. You must be running to the bathroom every 20 minutes at your new "hydrated" rate. LOL! In all seriousness, I'm glad everything turned out in the end and that you and baby are both okay. 190bpm...yikes! So glad Zach was there too to keep you and Aubrey both calm and cool. :) Love you guys!

Sean and Kristin said...

Oh so thankful that you are all okay, that is so terrifying. And so glad that Zach was there too. Keeping you in our thoughts!!

Jenna said...

Glad everything is alright again. Will keep praying for you guys as you get closer to baby's arrival!

Marlene said...

Thinking good thoughts for you guys! Glad this story ended well and that you're feeling better.

Astrid said...

The things you do to spend more time with your husband;) Glad you're doing better, camel Jen, and keep on drinking! And way to go Aub-Meist for being so well-behaved. She gets that from me!

Jen said...

Astrid, you totally said it best ;) All that to get to see him! Hahaha
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers everyone. All's well still and I'm hoping and praying it stays that way!