Sweater Pillow

I've been coveting the pillows made from sweaters that I've seen all over Pinterest.
I mean, they just look so stinkin' cozy!
So the other day, when I actually had the car (yay!!) I stopped in at Goodwill to check out their selection of sweaters and I scored a fabulous, stain-free, like-new, cable knit for only $4.50.
At that price, it fit into my non-budget... budget ;) especially considering I had the wooden buttons in my stash at home already.
I'm just annoyed I didn't get a before shot of the sweater.
I got to cutting and whipped this little puppy up and I. am. in. love.
I have to say, when Zach saw the sweater and I told him what it was for?! He pretty much looked at me like I had grown a second head (and asked if I had washed it....seriously?!? Doesn't he know me at all??)... I merely laughed and told him to wait and see.
Oh he of little faith.
Now he keeps professing his love for the pillow every time he passes it. 
I love being right.
It was so quick and easy to make (read 30 minutes from start to finish!), I'm definitely seeing another one in my near future :)


Kerrie said...

Wow that is the cutest one I've seen! I love it!

Kimberley said...

Oh man...I LOVE IT TOO!!!! It's gorgeous beyond belief. Super well done, Jen! And I also love the family pic of you guys in the background of the first pic you posted. Awesome!

Astrid said...

I Lurve it! I'm gonna go through my old sweaters and find one for you to cut up. Now I'm just mad I threw away my cream Gap one-----it would have made a perfect cushion!

Amy said...

Oh jen... You are a crafty super star! Love love love it.
Haha did you wash it.....

Laura Jo said...

Love it!! Looks comfy and inviting!

Tammy said...

This is lovely! You did a great job. I am your newest follower. Hope you can visit me sometime too :)