Not As I Planned....

*Life has not gone as planned today. 
*It was going to be super productive day, as in clean the house and do some sewing.
*I slept in, woke up with the back of a 90 year old and the rest of the day went wonky. 
*Aubrey woke up, from falling asleep randomly on the couch, with a crazy fever and a fabulous mood to boot. Awesome.
*Oddly enough, I still got the house cleaned... multi-tasking at it's finest (and not my gift as of late).  
*I haven't touched my sewing machine since before Christmas and I've been getting the itch. 
*I joined a woman's bible study and I love it! Aubrey is loving the childcare/kids bible study that happens at the same time, win win!
*This is my 300th post! Crazy.
*I feel like I have a "life" now.
*I've made some friends, Aubrey's made some friends.... It's like we're a real, plugged-into, family. Who knew ;)
*I drove Zach to work twice this week.
*This equals a tired Jen and Aubrey.
*I hate 6 AM.... and those were "late" mornings for Zach. Ew.
*No real cramp/contractions/braxton hicks to speak of as late! SO thankful for that and thanks everyone for the prayers!
*Is it wrong that I have ZERO fear of adding a second child to the mix? Aren't I supposed to be a ball of anxiety about this?! 
*I get anxiety over having to call the phone company(true story).... how does this make sense?!
*I'm so ready for this baby (have been for almost 2 years, was just waiting for Zach to be on board!) and I'm not all worried about the usual "will I have enough love for the next one" thing. 
*Have I ever mentioned that I'm a baby person?!? 
*I seriously could be Michelle Duggar if I had me a Jim Bob! But I don't, I have a Zach.... who doesn't have any inclination's towards a "Duggar" type family. 
*Pretty sure that was the Lord's doing ;)
*I LOVE LOVE LOVE being pregnant and I think that's the only reason I'm not jumping out of my skin in anticipation for this next baby of ours.
*Only 7 weeks to go!
*Zach's on his way home right now... meaning Aubrey will actually get to see him... meaning there is much happiness in the face of my little girl! 
*Yay for "early" work days.
*It's wrong that an "early" work day for Zach is still a 13 hour day.
*just sayin' 


Astrid said...

When did you take that picture of the Aub-meist?!? She looks so young--and so smoochable with them cheeks.
Loot at you, doing cleaning even though your back is telling you otherwise. This is where Nesting is very handy. My house was spotless cuz I nested and then re-nested several times. Made for a very HAPPY me. And I'm glad Zach had an 'early' night after his 13hr day ;) That's hilarious ( but not ha ha hilarious.) Poor, Poor Jenny. Thinking of you sista sista!

Amy said...

Sorry about your 90 year old back.... Not good. But nesting... Very good. I loved that. I nested and renested as well. House ws never so clean. I loved being pregnant too... Never felt anxious about bringing a baby home... Not once. It was the best feeling in the entire world.
I am so thankful that God has blessed you with friends and a bible study and a life in georgia. It is an answered prayer. I do miss you though and wish you would return back to new jersey for selfish reasons..... Like i miss you and aubrey and zach.. Someday... God willing. Man, do you reliaze that you have people loving you all over the world. You are one blessed girl. Get to sewing. Finish your quilt.
I sewed alot when maddie was an infant.... I sat her in her little bouncy seat right next to me... She loved the hummm of the machine.
So glad your cramps/ braxton hicks things have ceased. Just your body getting ready.would you please please please get to takin a new belly shot......
Love that picture of aubrey.