One Year...

Zach bbm'd me this morning telling me that the Urology Match happened this morning and about his hospital's matches....
It got me thinking. 
It's been one year almost to the day that we found out that Zach had placed here in Augusta (we found out on the 24th of January last year) and not only did he place, but it was his top choice!
How amazing.
One year ago to the day we had no clue where God would lead us. We were filled with anxiety and excitement and bursting at the seems to find out.
All day I kept thinking 'where has the time gone??', yet it feels like a lifetime since we found out. So much has happened since then it's kinda crazy.
We came down to Augusta to find a place to live, moved, got pregnant, experienced 7 months of residency, left a life we knew and loved in NJ, adjusted to a new life in the South, found a fabulous church, made friends.... the list goes on and on.
It's funny how a random text can get your mind going so much and seeing all the ways that God has worked in your life that you didn't even notice. 
Lately my mind has been filled with all the ways we need to "settle" here still and all the "things" we still need. But in all reality, God has provided so much for us and in so many incredible ways, I'm glad I had this day to really remind me how far He's helped us come. 
Crazy to think where we'll be at in life next Match Day....

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Marcy said...

It's clearly evident that God is orchestrating an incredible life for you, Zach, Aubrey, and baby (girl...i think it's a girl:) I'm so encouraged by your ability to reflect and see God working this past year! Wonder what's in store this coming year?! Hoping for a visit to Canada:)