Round Two...

Sooooo, these are still shots from our first day....
See? Told you there were lots. 
And let's just clarify that this is, indeed, me narrowing them down.
Okay, now that we got that clear...

My sister commented on my last post saying that Charleston reminded her of Grenada, and if it weren't for the fact that I completely agree with her, I'd be killing myself laughing at that comment!

But again, to clarify, in my mind I felt like Charleston is what Grenada could look like if they tried.
The problem in Grenada was that everything was still beat up and looking kinda war-torn, an no one cared. 
It was hard to see that the country had SO much potential and they did nothing about it (this is my opinion and a generalization... and me being a bit jaded from living there for 2 years and experiencing the "real" Grenada).

But Charleston did have that feel, or maybe I should say a strong Caribbean feel.
It's funny that Astrid even made that comment, because I had said the same thing to Zach on the first day in Charleston, this COULD be Grenada.

Even the downtown market made me think of Grenada (again the Grenada version was totally beat up and full of flies, but you get the point). 
Charleston was such a mish-mash of the Caribbean, Boston, England... all rolled into one.
And having traveled to each of those places, Zach and I felt like we were transported to each random place at various times. 
It was coastal, city, old world... everything, such a perfect mix of them all.

And it all felt so perfectly preserved/restored.

There were so many times when I felt like I was in England and then BAM, palm tree. They were everywhere along the streets and I loved them! 

And all these little random Inn's/B&B's were SO England too.

The gas lanterns everywhere were gorgeous! Almost every house had one.

Anyway, moving on (for now, more Charleston tomorrow....you sick of it yet?!? Oh well, get over it.)
Here it is folks, my awkward Charleston "hey Zach get a shot of my belly because I don't really have any" picture... annnnnnnd then instantly regretted the impromptu photo shoot because it was plain ol' awkward....

I'm getting the "ohhhh any day now" looks...
and I'm 30.5 weeks.
Yup, that's 30.5 weeks.... not 40.
I'm not lying when I say I'm big, I think I need to buy new pants... I can't see how my maternity pants from Aubrey are going to keep up to this ginormous belly. They're already at max capacity. Oy vey.

And just because it was cute...and super funny :) Aubrey wanted to take a picture by the same palm tree and was hollering at me "is daddy behind the tree?!?" right when I took this, but the kid didn't want to stop posing or smiling! What a little model. We didn't end up getting a shot of just her, just a bunch with Zach in the background and her talking through clenched, smiling teeth telling him to move (of course he wouldn't).
It. Was. Awesome.


Astrid said...

I KNEW IT! I should have clarified too---it had a FEEL of Grenada, and you're totally bang-on with the Caribbean aspect ( which makes it make sense.) Anyways-how totally weird that one place can have all that east coast goodness and caribbean goodness--that makes for a great place! I love that one of your belly. It may be big, but you are just belly, and you're rockin' it sister!
That picture of Zach and the Aun-meist--absolutely priceless!!

Astrid said...

And that should have said AUB-meist ;)

Jenna said...

You look fantastic! Seriously cute maternity dress and boots. Loving the Charleston pictures, too.

Sean and Kristin said...

I tried to leave a comment before so if two show up sorry! I love all the Charleston pics, I have always thought about visiting there one day! You look amazing, ALL belly!!! And love the pic of Aubrey and Zach behind the tree hahahahaha!

Ashley Klaassen said...

Sigh* Charleston...one of the place I would LOVE to see. Did anybody do THE Charleston while IN Charleston? You look wonderful Jen :) stoked about being an auntie again too! A well deserved trip!

Amy said...

Oh ok, i think you are just trying to make me feel jealous of that amazing city you got to visit. The brick streets .... Brick streets...palm trees.....gas laterns...... Markets.... Sigh.
And can i say it again... (okay i will) you are freaking beautiful... You look so chic... Like one of those woman who llives in soho and lunches in the hamptons.....heehee.
Oregnancy agrees with you. Wish i was there to take some maternity shots for you ..... : (

Cant wait to see more.

Amy said...

Not orgenacy .... I meant pregnancy.......

Jen said...

Thank you ladies!! Makes this massive-bellied-preggo-gal feel better :)

Marcy said...
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