It's Been Too Long...

...since I've done an Aubrey post. 
This kid is going through one of the most funniest phases... seriously. I know I'm biased because I'm her mom, but she can honestly have me gut-laughing in seconds with her quick wit and amazingly funny personality!

Now having said that, she can also drive me bonkers! 
Yeah, I said it.
With that amazing wit comes a larger than life, beyond her years, attitude and at times I have to stop myself, repeat in my head what she just said (that had me in stitches laughing!) and realize that .... wait, she's 3 and a half... they're not supposed to get away with saying that!
*insert my mother's voice in my head, reminding me I would have been in major trouble for saying something like that to them!*

And really, she's 3 and a half people....
The words she speaks per second alone is enough to make you want to cry at times!

But I love this kid SO much and I'll take the very few "bad" things with the bazillion "good" things!

How could you not??

I'm so excited to see her in her Big Sister role. 
She's already talking about all the things she's going to teach the baby....
who by-the-way she's naming Baby Sister Aubrey, if it's a girl and....wait for it....
Hoho if it's a boy. 
Told you she was awesome!

She is such a loving kid too, coming up to me randomly and professing her love for me and the baby, giving us each kisses! One on my belly for the baby and always two for me :)

I'm so blessed to be her mother! 

I only hope this next baby is half as cool as Aubrey ;)


Amy said...

Jen, glad you did an aubrey post....miss her. Maddie is missing her so much lately too.
Love her little hockey shirt... Pretty cool. By the way she gets all her humore from her funny mom. She looked like zach to me in that first shot. Cant beleive you are out bike riding. While we are huddled by the fire for warmth.....

Laura Jo said...

We are going to need a road trip to Augusta!! Aubrey is so stinkin' cute! I love to hear her convos and questions. I saw the other day that the avg 4 year-old asks 437 questions a day....pretty sure our girls are the ones helping that average stay high by asking 1000!

Sean and Kristin said...

HAHA I love this post and I love Aubrey!! Hoho!?!?! and Baby Sister Aubrey...precious and hilarious! She is adorable and I love hearing about her!!