A Little Clarification....

*For some reason I thought that I said it on my blog, but I guess I forgot and due to the amazing amount of people who were commenting, texting, emailing about my ultrasound I figured I'd say on here that I, in fact, did NOT have the ultrasound the other day. It was cancelled....grrrrrr
*You know what's worse than waiting for an ultrasound when you think you have twins in your stomach?! Having it cancelled and rescheduled. Seriously, I about tore my hair out! 
*Now I have to wait until this coming Tuesday to find out..... cue inner panic and gnawing of nails.

*Since it is completely safe to say that my mom doesn't read this blog (They have a computer, but it is approximately 13 years old and hasn't worked in about 8. Not to mention the fact that they don't normally have Internet....) I can show this table runner that I made for my mom. I officially love how it turned out and it's so my mom it's not even funny.
*The thing that sucks about Christmas time...did I even just say that?!?... scratch that-- sucks about making gifts? Not being able to share them on here! Booooo I've been crafting/sewing away and none of it can be shared until after Christmas and let's face it, I'll have forgotten by then :(

*Zach and I got some early Christmas money and I bought myself (I guess they're for my family and anyone else that visits too....wow, I'm a giving person.) these dishes from Target!
*I'm in love with this turquoise color....and these dishes....and the fact that this set you are looking at above is all for $24.99!!! 

*I bought 2 sets because I'm planning on letting other people eat with us sometimes.
*Again, I'm a giving person....but I guess that's all assuming I make some friends here ;)
*The dishes we have are all chipped Ikea plain white blah ones. Nothing like 3 years of hand washing cheap quality dishes in a sink that was SO teeny to make them look ugly in a hurry. 

*I have another almost friend! 
*A wife of one of the guys in Zach's Urology program contacted me and wants to get together! She has kids around Aubrey's age so it will be great!
*Yay for play dates with people I have never met... cue more inner panic and anxiety.

Soosy Update....
Aubrey is doing fabulously without it! Yesterday was a bit rough with a few moments of crying and asking to go and buy a new one, but she went down perfectly fine without it last night! 
Oh and Marlene....Aubrey got a Dora book that had figurines and a huge play map inside.....figured that I (errr, the Soos Fairy) would make it worth her while to get rid of something she loved so dear ;)


Sean and Kristin said...

Thanks for the update, I have been checking all morning!! Glad Aubrey is doing well without her soos (where did you get that name??) and love your dishes! You can't beat that deal with a stick!

Marcy said...

Just wrote a lot of stuff...and then it got deleted. Grrrrr. Anyway, to sum up:
Dishes: LIKE
You crafting me a gift for Christmas: LIKE
Postponing of ultrasound: UNLIKE
Soosy update: LIKE
Almost friend #2: LIKE
"We're having fun...you look young"

Esther said...

i just take the pics, and write the posts and schedule them to post after christmas. that way the secrets don't slip and we still get to see the cool stuff you made.

Amy said...

Love your new dishes!
Love love love table runner for your mom, who has basically no computer..... And i love that too.
Can't wait to see what iam getting...hehehehehe

Your the best friend i ever had! Have i told you that lately?
You really are the most enocuraging, loving, positive wonderfull, amazing, mother of a three and a half year old with twins on the way, besteat friend ever!
Love you! Thanks for all your prayers and talking me thru my crazy anxiety today!

Astrid said...

Look at you with your supa-cute dishes set! It almost looks melamine. Very cute.
And how fantastisch is that table runner for Mother?!? She will LOVE it. And you know that even though it has holly on it, she'll be displaying that sucker year round and telling everyone how her daughter made it for her ( that's assuming they have people over to show it off to.)
You ain't wrong about that computer. I'm sure Stegiasaurus would be able to figure it out quicker than them.
Whateva girl! Lovin' it, lovin' it, lovin't it!!

Side-note---Aniya said to me last night 'Mummy, I love your tummy. Auntie Jenny has a baby in her tummy.' Isn't it amazing how they catch on when they're so little?!? Incredible. And we all know that Aniya knows everything, and she only intimated that there was only one in there ;)

My Songbook said...

Dang! I'm so sorry you have to wait longer for your ultrasound, that stinks! I would be gnawing on my nails too.