I Just Want to Say....

...that I'm feeling EXTREMELY thankful right now! 
There was only one baby in there people!!!
Only one healthy, perfect baby in my ginormous belly.
A baby who is measuring exactly where it should for the due date it's been given, March 12th....aka 2 weeks after that because babies like to hibernate in my belly longer, just as 12-day-over-due-Aubrey ;) 

I'm feeling beyond blessed at the moment! So far, two healthy children to be thankful for (Aubrey and baby) and no, we did not find out what we were having...
much to the amazement of everyone working at the clinic ;)
Apparently no one waits anymore to find out the gender, I was an anomaly to them. 
I'm just sad that Zach was not there for the ultrasound...
Of course today was the day he was the only one in clinic, was swamped beyond belief and couldn't leave. Boo.
We did go down to the floor Zach works on so I could show Aubrey where Daddy worked and she was SO proud!
"Dis is where my Daddy works, Mamum. He's in Uro-ogeeee. He makes all the sick people feel better!"
Love her!

But, all is well and I have one happy little Aubrey who got to see the baby on the screen and can't stop talking about her baby and how it's in my tummy :)
SO cute! 

I leave you with the most beautifully, freaky picture.....

My little baby #2 with perfect lips and nose (left side of the pic) and who has it's hands snuggled against it's face....
And who oddly enough, totally reminds me of my nephew Levi in this shot... now that's really freaky! 


Sean and Kristin said...

YAY!!!! ONE perfect healthy beautiful baby! What a blessing and a relief :) Thanks for the text back too. Love the ultrasound pics!

Amy said...

Praise the Lord! One perfect baby!!!!!!! who we happen to think is baby Boy Klaassen..... but we have a 50/ 50 chance of that being right. Oh Jen, you are truly blessed. I am so happy for you guys! And that Aubrey.... well she is certainly looking more and more grown up each day.... uro-ogeee..... good grief... he makes all the sick people feel better! what a little cutie! Squeeze her for all of us!!!!!!!

Marlene said...

so happy for you jen, and yet ... wow 2 kiddos -- try and nap as much as you can now.
i'm not good at those rohrshack test thingies, the first pic i see beautiful baby head so sweet but the 2nd looks like a chicken ?? (sorry just being silly ....)
fyi i'm starting to keep my eye out for diaper deals.

Marcy said...