A Long Time Coming.....

So....I'm THAT mom.
Yup, the mom who didn't have the heart to take away my daughters pacifier...aka soosy... at the appropriate age.... Aubrey's 3 and a half now.
I know, I know bad right? BUT we have had some serious life upheaval in the last year. What with the move to Georgia a few months back, all of Zach's travel before that (interviewing for residency positions), then the whole trip to Canada... there was always a reason for me to let her have her soos (for night time really, but the little sneak would hide with it if she found it before bedtime and happily suck away!). 
I thought I'd get rid of it about a month after we moved here, that was the plan anyway... but then Aubrey self-imposed potty training, and being the softy that I am, I couldn't take it away when she was trying to figure that all out (are you sensing an "excuse" pattern?!?).

All that to say, tonight was THE night! I knew I had to get rid of it long before the new baby comes so Aubrey wouldn't regress or go and steal the baby's soos (does that even happen?! I'm not taking any chances....).
 I had been prepping Aubrey for the last two weeks, giving her a count down to when the "Soos Fairy" would show up to take it away--if she left it in a basket outside her bedroom door-- and leave a present instead (I got the present idea from Amy, thanks Amy!).
She was getting really excited for it even though she would randomly tell my how much she'd miss her soos, and didn't like the Soos Fairy.... too cute :)
Tonight she announced, before bed, that she didn't want her soos because she thought that the fairy would come tonight (I told her she was coming tomorrow). 
So I went with it, got the basket for her and she plopped her soos in.

Aubrey was all tucked in, bedtime prayers were said and about 20 minutes later I hear her softly calling my name.... and weeping.....
*insert my mushy heart and I'm all ready to go in with the soos*
So I went in (prayed hard to be strong) and told her I'd sit with her until she fell asleep. 
I nearly caved when I saw her big fat tears on her cheeks and she told me, "it's SO hard Mama, I miss my soosy."
But about 10 minutes later she was fast asleep and I was/am feeling victorious! 

How sad is that?!? And over a soos....
But I am. 
I'm having a hard time thinking my baby is growing up and I know that in a few short months, when baby #2 comes, she'll look even bigger.... scary. 
For now I will relish in this small, yet major, victory.
...And try not to forget to put her new Dora book in said basket!

Oh and remember the other day when I was talking about being freaked out of having twins?!? 
That same night I find THIS in my pack of mushrooms..... 

Are you kidding me?!? Twin mushrooms??? 
Oh man....

~~~Excuse the pictures...they're from my phone and the one of Aubrey sleeping is awful quality, but I didn't want to wake her, lest she wanted her soos again!~~~


Sean and Kristin said...

Oh my gosh I feel for you!! Good job though! I am dreading the day I have to take Alina's paci from her! But I love the Paci Fairy idea! Oh I am also dreading weaning, how did you do that?? LOVE the belly pic, you look fabulous!! All belly! Love the maternity dress too. I can't wait to hear about your ultrasound, I will be anxiously awaiting a post...

Amy said...

oo the paci fairy!!! I read that on a blog once.. that is what worked for us. Took 4 nights of ridding the house of all the paci's. Fabulous!
Twin mushrooms!!!!!! only you. And I will be praying for your ultrasound today!!! How exciting can't wait to hear how it went!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!

Marlene said...

but i want to know what she got as a present .... :-)

Astrid said...

Twin mushrooms. It's a sign.
Jen, good job on getting rid of the soos. I have thankfully never had to go through that, but it's something else. Just keep it up. I'm sure it will take atleast 3 nights for her to get over it. All things happen in threes! Maybe you're having triplets ;) Right, call me and let me know what you found out at the ultrasound. I'll never forget when we had ours with Aniya and her hands were down at her feet and we had a proper scare! Speak soon sista!

Ashley Klaassen said...

Those would be conjoined twin mushrooms Jen, let's pray that's not a sign of anything to come. lol

Marcy said...

You should seriously be freaked if you happen to see a double rainbow all the way across the sky!! Terrified if it's almost a triple rainbow!