Just Call Me Jack Handy....

*Am I the only one who can't follow anyone else's blogs? As in, I hit "follow" to an awesome blog and then a few days later wonder why they haven't updated said awesome blog, I go there look, and I'm not following it and my Dashboard has no signs that I am either?!? 
*This is making my blood boil.
*silly things are stressing me out... aka blog following... 
*I need a vacation
*The only time I get a lot of crafting/sewing done is when I'm in a time crunch...why is that?!?
*I seem to be a sew-well-past-midnight-the-night-before-I-have-to-send-something kinda gal.
*I feel like I'm currently sewing in a sweatshop.
*Zach didn't get home from work until 10:30pm last night.... he left for work at 5:30AM.... 
*yesterday was supposed to be one of his earlier-ish-esque days.... so much for that.
*He's expecting to come home late tonight...I'm scared for what that even means....
*I went grocery shopping last night at Walmart....sounds fine enough right? Well, we only have one car, so I went at 11PM....and let's just say that just because it's open 24hrs, doesn't mean one should go there during the random hours...it's scary...I prayed *A LOT* in the parking lot. 
*I think it was national If You're A Hoodlum Come Hang Out In The Walmart Parking Lot @ 11PM night. And yes, I have the vocab of a 90 year old.... hoodlum just sums them up so perfectly. Perhaps I could say 'ne'er do wells', is that hip enough for you kids?? ;) 
*I'm pretty sure that had Zach been "with it" he would have put a stop to me going there. Turns out that you're pretty tired after a 17 hour day...with no breaks and no food(true story people, he said he found a random brownie somewhere and shoved it in his face as he was walking by. Not exactly covering all the food groups, or calories needed in a day)
*I have a child that is in a state of regression. ie. peeing her pants... A LOT. What do I do?!?
*On the bright side it's not #2....
*I've never before felt the need for a second car... but I think I'm at that point. These walls are closing in...
*if you think of it, I'd appreciate some prayer on finding a car we can afford...as in, for $10.... It's possible right??
*I love that Zach is absolutely willing to drive a beat up whatever, if we find it for cheap enough, just to get him to and from work. 
*He'll still be cool right? He'll just have to shield his eyes from the cars in the staff parking lot....I've been in there and lets just say that Mercedes, BMW, Lexus etc have made a killing of some of those doctors.
*We'll take a Datsun thankyouverymuch.


Marcy said...

Not gonna lie, this blogpost is rather sad! Eating random brownies, regression in potty training, almost getting mugged at Walmart, wanting to buy a Datsun!!! Hoping and praying for a Christmas miracle filled with hygienic brownies, dry underwear, and a cheap non horrendously ugly car so u can shop at 11 AM not PM!

Amy said...

Wow, i am 2 posts behind on your blog...... I will be praying for a car for you guys.... Maybe you could find a yugo....lol
And what are you crazy.... You should have never gotten out of the car. And a brownie... That is all he could find..... Lol men.

Sean and Kristin said...

Sean doesn't eat at work either, he is shrinking! Did you know you can camp for free at Walmart? that always cracked me up picturing people camping there. I hope you guys find a car!! Sean drives my old car that has mice living in it to work. It is all rusted and has crank windows and when you turn the heat on bits and pieces from the mice nests fly out at you. I am not even joking. Anyway, I also love your doll carrier and stay at home clothes rock, we live in them!! I hope things get better!! Miss you guys!

Astrid said...

I'm with Marc--a Datsun?!?
Jen, whatever you get is bound to be a step-up from our second automobile. Every day Jo steps in that thing, I am amazed that he hasn't stepped right back out again. What we put our husbands through ;)
Wal Mart at 11pm?!?! ARE JU KREEZA?!
I'm just glad you survived to tell the tale. Praise The Lord. Don't ever do that again.
The. End.

Wendy W. said...

LOVE your random thoughts! They sum up life so well and I can totally picture it. I wish I could events into words the way you do. Sorry about all the sad things---will be praying for a good family vehicle to be donated by a sweet "lady-driver".