Take 2....{A Handmade Doll Carrier}

So I've made a doll carrier before, 

and it sure looked cute, but it never was easy for Aubrey to use and it was ridiculously floppy. 
I knew that I had to try again, but to be honest... I just was NOT in the mood to try and come up with another pattern.

That was all the way back in April.... Then comes December and I'm trying to think of Christmas presents for some of the little girls we know. 
After a few failed attempts at making something else, I knew I had to give the doll carrier another go.

And this time it worked! 

I'm SO happy with how this one turned out. 
The last one was way too flimsy and had snaps that were hard for Aubrey to use.

The doll always looked like it was going fall out at any second, and that was assuming Aubrey was even using the carrier...which was pretty much never. Awesome. 
This one, I used a super stiff Wonder Under and it did the trick.

Look at that baby all securely fastened ;)

I made the straps way stiffer, used velcro instead of snaps and it's way easier to use. 

It's just a sturdier carrier all around and that's what was lacking the last time.

My model was looking pretty classy in her we're-staying-home-clothes, but there was no way I was going to convince this grumpuss to change, let alone go outside and pose for pictures. So indoors, with fabulous clothes, it was... not to mention many promises of candy canes....

See, baby doesn't fall out! I win! 
Of course now Aubrey wants one too...let's see if I get the energy to make her one....


Astrid said...

VERY cute Jen. Again, your ability to sew impresses me. Good job!!

Amy said...

Super cute! Looks amazing. Seriously! Beautiful job. And when did aubrey grow up? Why does she look so grown ip in those pictures? Crazy.