I'm Ron Bur-gundy??

*the title has nothing to do with this post... it's just stuck in my head.
*apparently I took a little blog-cation....oops :)
*we had friends come in on Sunday (for Christmas) and I was in full on clean-the-house/finish-sewing-presents mode.
*I'm tired.

*our Christmas tree is totally dead already.
*this happens every. year.
*it may or may not have to do with the fact that we usually buy it around Zach's birthday... on the 24th of November.... 
*the fact that it's covered in approximately 700 mini-lights may also have something to do with it....

*I can't believe that just last year we spent Christmas Eve in NYC.
*It was everything we had dreamed it would be! (but somehow less crowded than we anticipated, weird) 
*I miss it like crazy.

*this baby in my belly is constantly beating me up, seriously it won't. sit. still.
*my ribs hurt
*all the Christmas presents I sent made it to their destinations in time!!
 *it feels really wrong to have 70 degree weather around the holidays
*I shouldn't be sweating like this in December. This preggo body needs some winter weather.

*this was what our place in NJ looked like last Christmas....I have yet to take pictures of our place here this Christmas. Before I do, I just have to vacuum the tree ;)
*Aubrey is sick today :( I just hope the poor thing feels better soon.


Amy said...

Missed you on your blog cation.... Miss you.... So happy you got all your presents out. Good job!
Your pictures are so lovely.

Paul said...

I know how you feel, Jen'...I spent 8 years in Florida...Christmas just isn't the same when you can go outside in your shorts!

Wishing You, Zach & Aubrey a VERY Merry Christmas & a HAPPY New Year!!