Some Ramblings And A Bit Of Craftiness....

*I know Thanksgiving is this Thursday, but I've gone ahead and pulled out all the Christmas decor.
*I've never been known as patient person.
*Zach works on Thanksgiving....which also happens to be his birthday, fun.
*I hate this month of night shifts.
*I love decorating for Christmas, so for now, I'm letting the night shift thing go.
*I love the look in Aubrey's eyes when I'm pulling out all the Christmas stuff! Nothing like that glimmer in a 3 year old's eyes to get you into the spirit!
*I have some work to do, when I pointed to the baby in the manger from our nativity scene Aubrey yelled out, "It's baby Moses!"
*I think I've failed.
*I have one month to make things right.....
*I. Can't. Stop. Crafting.
*This would be good if I was actually working through my list of gifts I'm making, but no. It's all for me....Merry Christmas to me?? Yup.
*I think my need to get up all this festive decor is due to the fact that it is freaking 80F outside these days! 
*I'm dreaming (key word dreaming) of a white Christmas..... a girl can dream.
*I'm wondering what the odds are of a freak snow storm to hit the South again like it did last year? 
*like I said, a girl can dream.
*here's my craftiness of late, I think I have an addiction to all things mini (this wreath is only 7inches)....


Amy said...

oooo love!
a freak snow storm.... I will pray for that for you.

Baby moses... No you haven't failed. at least she knows who moses is!

and i can't wait to see photos of Christmas throwing up all over your home.

Astrid said...

Well, I hope this comment makes it to your blog. I LOVE your wreath, I lurve your little bird hoop-art, and I too LOVE Christmas. I haven't taken anything out yet----I think I would get a few strange looks out here if I took anything out before December 1st. Whateva. Lurve those felt flowers too. Lovin' the baby Moses. Jacob told me tonight that 'Jacob' had his first 11 sons with Leah, and he had Joseph and Benjamin with Rachel. Seriously. Try stumping this kid on Bible trivia. You would fail.........

Joyeful said...

I am in full fabulous Christmas craft mode over here as well (with hubby working seven days a week) so I feel ya! What an adorable wreath! And can we PLEASE get snow this year, God? I know it only snows like once every sixty years down here but pretty please? Don't you think we've suffered enough 80 degrees days in December? It would be a Christmas miracle.