I Heart Costco... And Pictures That Don't Match....

I went to Costco today. 
This is a big deal....well, to me anyway.

I love Costco, like LOVE it! 
They print the best, cheapest pictures EVER. 
I mean, where else can you get a print for 13 cents and have it be excellent quality? I dare you to find a place...yup, dare you.

Now, I know that there are Costco's everywhere, but there wasn't one here in Augusta and let me tell you, I was NOT pleased about it. When I voiced my concern about this, Zach gave me the funniest look followed by an, "are you serious right now? This is a sticking point for you for living there?!" 
Ummm, yes it is, actually. And most other people would agree, thankyouverymuch.

Obviously, he convinced me to move here anyway...he had some good points... HE would be here, Aubrey... you get the idea.
But all this to say,
Costco is HERE now!!!
And I restrained myself from going the first 2 days, but couldn't hold out any longer. 

And a new Costco means new carts, shiny everything and super helpful, eager to keep their new found jobs, staff :)
I was in Heaven! 
(Bare in mind that I did live in New Jersey for 3 years and therefore was used to a pretty scuzzy store, so  pretty much anything would have been better than that)
Mix in a Churro and a hot dog, I was one happy pregnant lady.
Even Aubrey was in particularly good spirits there. 

I realize this whole post is about Costco and I know that's probably crazy, but I don't care!
It's the small things that make my day and this sure did.
And see? I was nice. If you were bored (although I don't know how you possibly could be) with my Costco-loving-ramblings, you had pretty pictures to look at instead ;)

****I've been getting my craft on these last few nights and I'll be posting some pictures from all that goodness in the next few days (So Tom, don't bother reading this blog for the next week ;) )****


Amy said...

you make me laugh!

Ashley Klaassen said...

although I won't ever understand your love for Costco (especially on Sunday mornings when everybody in the entire city is there) I am happy to hear that you have something there, other than Z and A, that makes you happy :)

PS: check out my blog. feel free to make fun of me for my moose meat recipes.

Marcy said...

Bahaha! Love it! I miss you asking me to buy gonch for Zach from Costco and bring it with me when I come visit you. That was always the one thing I did let you pay me back for because I felt uncomfortable buying Zach underwear and giving it as a "thanks for letting us stay with you for free" gift. Yup, that's where I draw the line.