Under The Weather....

This little girl got a bad case of something last night... meaning I was the lucky one to be up from 4am onward to deal with the "aftermath" (I figured I'd use a classy word like aftermath instead of something gross like, well, puke. That's because I am a classy gal.).

I'm so tired. I think my hair is tired. 
Yup, that's tired. 
The benefit of Zach working night shift is that he brought me a great-big (red-cupped!!) coffee from Starbucks on his way home... did you know coffee tastes even better in their red Christmas cups?? Well, it does. Or maybe it was the fact that I had been up for 4 hours by that point and dirt probably would have tasted good out of that fabulous red cup.

Did I mention I was tired?
Well I am.

Aubrey's currently sleeping off her lack-of-a-night (come to think of it, so is Zach) so the house is blessedly quiet. I should be sleeping, but I have a feeling Round 2 (or 62 to be honest) is going to happen when Sleeping Beauty awakes.
And lets face it, the contents of that red cup are in no way going to let me sleep anymore.
Having a sick girl sucks... for SO many reasons. Poor thing kept asking why, "sis cough sing won't go away?!?" all night, and proclaiming things like, "I DON'T like frowing up.".
Bless her. 

One of the cutest things she said randomly (pretty sure it was around 5:30am... but forgive me if I'm off a bit, my night is a bit hazy....), "Mama, I know who can heal me..." insert me waiting for the classic answer (Jesus) and she pipes in with  "MY daddy. He's a real doctor you know." 
Hahaha! Love her!
I wasn't in the mood to correct her (plus the random daddy love was so cute), so I just let it be. 
No need for a theological discussion at that time of night ;)

Now I'm going to go and watch the You Tube video I posted on here the other day because, quite frankly, I need a laugh right about now. And then I'm off to sew away my frustrations. 
Sometimes, it just plain ol' hard to be a mom.


Amy said...

Sorry that she is under the weather... hope she is on the mend. Love that her Daddy is a real dr..... how cute.

off to sew.....

the lowes said...

hey friend...come check out my blog today - you may have just won something!