Hoop Art and Some Snail Mail...

I've been slowly working on decorating our master bedroom... and by slowly, I really mean slowly.
I'm making/finding things as I go, as time and budget allow....thus why it's going so slow ;)
I had some embroidery hoops laying around and thought I'd make some hoop art.

I forgot how much I love doing this! Seriously, the options are endless and it's something I can do while vegged-out in front of the TV at night, perfect for this aching-back-at-the-end-of-the-day-preggo-gal :)

I wanted to do something with felt, but didn't know what. 
I keep seeing gorgeous felt flowers everywhere, but they looked kinda complicated...

but after a little browsing on Pinterest and a couple of random links, I was lead to this Martha Stewart tutorial and I knew that some felt flowers were in my future.
Is it me or do all roads lead to Martha?!?
I guess there's a reason, because look how cute these flowers turned out?!

This one's my favorite! 
It's a two and a half inch hoop(or 3, not quite sure), it turned out so tiny and cute.

Did some stamping and some stitching and...voila!

I can't wait to put them up in my room. The colors go so well with my Anthropologie bedding and I'm pumped to see how it all (eventually) comes together.


And this ......

came in the mail today!! I love getting snail mail and this package proves why. 
Amy sent me a "just because" package with this handmade bib her friend made and I was so excited when I opened it up! 
Look at all the detailing....

I seriously am ALL about all the little tags/pins/etc that usually come on a handmade gift!
And this one had no lack of them :)
Zach says I'm a Marketing Team's dream....and as usual, he's right.

I mean, "Give Peas a Chance"?!? SO precious! Can't wait to use it for the baby!

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Amy said...

Okay, love love love the teeny tiny hoop art!
Can't wait to see the photos of your room!
Glad you liked the bib..... Wishing i could give it to you in person..... Waaaaaaa.

Ashley Klaassen said...

I am amazed at how crafty you are!!! LOVE the hoop art!! And the bib is unreal!! I have such a rustic heart and that bib is just so perfect!!

sarah beth said...

stopping by from life made lovely! i love your hoop art! i've been wanting to try some myself, and now i feel inspired enough to do so (:

Amy said...

So cute! Love your hoop art. And I love getting snail mail too...:)
Would you share this here?


ginger @ literally inspired said...

I agree - that little mini one is too cute! These are great! Thanks so much for sharing them at the party this week! I am doing my features now and guess who will be there???


Sara said...

So pretty!! Would LOVE it if you would link this up at my turquoise lovin' party! (I'm also including red for the holidays) http://www.sweetlittlegals.com/2011/11/turquoise-lovin-14.html

Shannon said...

So adorable!!!!

Lindsay said...

Oh my, these are pretty adorable! So creative! I would love to receive one as a gift! You did a beautiful job! I'm so happy you shared this @ Show & Share--thank you!