Just A Little Mini Project....

I wanted a new wreath for my front door, but didn't want anything crazy busy. 
So I decided to go with a simple moss one.
Plus, it's a nice transitional one before my soon-to-be-put-on-the-door Christmas wreath!

I used my handy dandy coupons at Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's to get the bag of moss and wreath so this little puppy only cost me a total of $5... makes the Menno in me happy :)

I still feel like something is missing.... but anything else I add feels gaudy.

So plain moss it is.
Love when a project comes together in under an hour and is nice and cheap!


Sean and Kristin said...

Looks great, Jen! Almost time to decorate for Christmas and get out the Christmas music and Elf!! Hope Aubrey is all better and love the quote about her daddy being able to cure her because he's a real doctor! SO stinkin' precious!

Amy said...

That is unbielivably beautiful.... Wish i had thought of that. May have to borrow your idea. I think it looks perfect just the way it is....