How's This For Random?!

*It's cold here people! Like really cold, get out the sweaters and scarves cold! Who knew this could happen in Georgia?!? Certainly not me.
*I'm wearing a zip-up hoodie....I'm in my happy place:)
*I have a big family, see...
*That's right, immediate family.
*It. Gets. Loud. at a family gathering.
*Might be the fact that the kids out-number the adults....yup, I bet that's it...although, we are not the quietest bunch of adults out there....
*When we get together there is a lot of this going on....
Mass chaos.
*and we eat a lot of this....
*I would like to add that I took this picture after a bunch of people had already taken some steak...and we actually, if memory serves, ran out of meat on this occasion. 
*we Kliewer's love us some meat. 
*One of my sister-in-law's doesn't eat meat. Seriously. I bet she goes home at night and cries over our crazy consumption of meat....probably not. She's used to us by now.
*Moving on from all things meat, I'm about 20-ish weeks along now
*I have yet to find a doctor here in Augusta, probably should get on that one.
*The baby is kicking up a freaking storm! LOVE this part(no, that was not sarcasm, I really do love it. Figured I'd clarify because I tend to err on the side of sarcasm)
*Aubrey is going through cousin withdrawal. Who can blame her?! She had someone to play with at ALL times in Canada and now, just me. Poor thing.
*Did I mention that I was cold and wearing a hoodie?!? Because I am :)


Amy said...

yay!!! baby kicking goodness. A MA ZING!!!! love love love that. It makes you forget how crappy you felt at the beginning.... RIGHT! that is our good and gracious Lord. and I want some of that steak... looks yummy. how does she make it??

and your Mom's garden.... BEAUTIFUL. are they looking up at an apple tree? Great shot.

and I really like Astrid's apron. very pretty,

Your family group shot is awesome. Yay for big huge loud families. got one of those myself... they are awesome.

Poor Aubrey... : (

Marcy said...

I'll let Tom know there's no crafting mentioned in these last couple blog posts! That will make him happy!

Sean and Kristin said...

That is a lot of meat! The Kliewers would get along well with the McMahons :) Didn't you crave meat when you were pregnant with Aubrey in Grenada? But all the cows had no meat on them and were skin and bone (like the ones that lived outside your apartment)?

So exciting that Baby is kicking!!

p.s. love the fall pictures too :)

Astrid said...

I love that Amy loves my 'apron.' I feel like binning it now. ;)
Those family shots are just hilarious. I love that Arv looks so much smaller than Zach and Jo!!
The steak in the tub looks so budget. Gotta love mass family feeding times.
And YAY about baby kicking up a storm!! I always love that part. It's a love-hate at times. Love the fact that they are moving around, and dislike all the pain they cause sometimes ;) Love ya sista!!