A Fall Montage....

I was planning on blogging some more about Canada today, seeing as to how I have a schwack-load of pictures to post. But when I went into my iPhoto, I spotted a Fall shot and I was thrown into a complete Fall-longing tailspin, it's not even funny. 
I miss the North East for many reasons, but the seasons are right up there on my list...and Fall in particular. 
Zach and I have always been Fall buffs, but he more so than me. Over the years of being together his obsession has rubbed off on me and I'm happy to say my love for it now rivals his....and yes, this is something I'm sadly very proud of :)
I could extol the virtues of this blessed season for many many blog posts, but I will save you that boredom and just get to the pictures. 
But I just have to say one thing....
I LOVE FALL!!!!!! 
So here you go, my memory lane of Fall shots...
you're welcome.

{Photo credit for all the family shots (the last 6) goes to Amy Rehbein Photography. Check her out, she's pretty dang amazing! The rest of the pictures are taken by moi in Central Park, NY, Boston, MA and Carlisle, England} 


Marlene said...

Jen - we went up to Blowing Rock, NC yesterday and I actually thought of you guys. You'd probably have loved it, right now is sort of the peak of the leaves changing and in a week or two it will be about done. It's about a 2hour drive from here. Maybe next year.

Amy said...

Oh those pics are beautiful... Yours central park and Boston and the mother land, gorgeous.
That one of Aubrey as a baby... Love.

That was such an amazing day for me to be with your family for the very first time. You guys are the most amazing... Well y'all rock!

And I love to hear to rambling on about your love of the seasons.... I never tire of listening to your musing's.

Wow is this 2 blogs in one day? I had 2 also... What is going on.... The planets must be lining up or something like that.....haha