Where To Start?!?

I stayed up WAY too late last night editing pictures from my Canada trip. Like way, waaay too late...as in I'm seriously suffering today. But in my defence, Zach was working a night shift and I had no one there to ask me what the heck I was still doing up and that I should get my butt in bed...don't know how that is in my defence, but I'm going with it, okay?? Good.

I have several hundred pictures to go through and these were the ones that I felt like editing, so here they are! 

This is Clayburn Village, an old historic town in the area I grew up. 
I know what you're thinking, "old historic town in West Coast Canada?!?". Well, it's there, so it must be true. And yes, on the West Coast, 1905 is historic.

This is a SUPER cute tea/old time candy shop that I went to with my sister and her little family. WAY over priced, but so cute it's worth it! It's been around for years and the joke is that no one knows when it's open. Seriously, you'll go there in the middle of the day, on a week day, for coffee and it's closed. There are no hours posted on the door and no dates when it's open. Yet it is super popular and has been in business for something like 25 years. 
I don't get it!

But I do when I go in, SO charming!

All the old fixtures and antiques all over the place, it's so wonderfully cluttered! The owners are English and it has a total feel of an English tea shop.

Look at this amazing cash register! 

And for a candy buff such as myself, this is heaven!

I may have been slightly obnoxious in there with my camera, but I'm so glad I took pictures....minus the fact that I'm having a serious candy craving now...


Astrid said...

I luuuurve it Jen! And if we get our shop up and running, it will be even better ;) Your pictures do it some incredible justice. It's great when you're there, but you've captured it better than perfect, so it looks even lovelier here ( if that's possible.)And I never noticed all those signs posts, or then one with the 1905 on it. Goofy kid!!

Amy said...

Oh man, I sure am glad you got over whatever it was and took those pictures.... Umm where to begin.
The boxes over the door. The shelves. The light fixtures.... The jars . Oh and the cash register..... Seriously amazing and beautiful. I look forward to seeing all those hundreds of pictures.... Get to editing.

Those sign post are way cool. I love that. Why don't we have any charming signs like that on the east coast? Not fair. And I love that you defending your right to stay up late.... You make me laugh.
And smile.

Link this up to lml Monday.....

Leonard said...

Totally agree on not knowing when it is open...at least twice I've biked down there with the boys to find the candy store closed...for a month at a time! :)