Aubrey And The Vacuum.

So I was about to take some pictures of my vacuum....yes, I know. But I REALLY love my vacuum and I wanted to share that love with you. 
Anyway, some how Aubrey snuck into the first shot and then decided that it was a photo shoot she wanted to be a part of.

Is she lifting it? Is She hugging it? I'm lost.

And then, as things usually do with Aubrey, it took a turn for the weird.

Jazz hands? ...segueing into.... 

Spice Girl?

I'm lost.

I think she might be too.

When in doubt, the Zach and Jen classic of "scream facing" for the camera.

After that, the Dyson looked a little lame and lonely. 
It's the DC33 by the way...you should get one. It will change your life... and perhaps your daughter too.


Amy said...

I am laughing so hard right now...

I really needed that.

I love and adore my Dyson too...

oh yeah, " Your Welcome : ) "


Sean and Kristin said...

I absolutely love these pics! She must keep you laughing all the time, so precious! I want to know her better and hang out with her :(

Jenna said...

Ba ha ha ha ha! I love it! SO funny!

Marcy said...

Dyson has gotsta pay you for this add!

Astrid said...

Where do I begin, and where do I end. There was so much awesomeness going on there, it's tough to comment. Even my kids were having a good laugh at the Aub-meist! Aniya was giving it the laughing with the head back,and over the top loud laughter! Hilarious. I love that kid ( and I'm referring to the Aub-meist, although I do love my own kids too.)