A Mini Craft Session...

I have been working on this Fall-esque tree (inspiration from Cluck Cluck Sew ) to go in a frame in my bedroom...which still looks the same as the day we moved into this place.   

Seriously, my room is sad. Just a mish-mash of all the stuff and furniture that didn't work anywhere else in the house. It's time to do something about it.

Anyway, I was working on mine and my Mini-Me was right beside me chattering my ear off and decided she wanted to make one too. So instead of my usual, "wait Aubrey, maybe we'll do it later" annnnnd then forget and never do it, I actually stopped what I was making and made one with her.
Stopping what I'm doing mid-project is NOT a gift of mine. I get something in my head and barrel forward, poor Aubrey.

Anyway, this is what we came up with from my scraps and I love it!

I did another thing that I normally never do, let her choose all the stuff and place it....and I didn't even move anything around (as you can tell by the same fabrics being beside each other!), it was like I wasn't even me! But it turned out so amazing and she was SO proud of it and herself :)

I was going to frame it, but decided to leave it as is and just make it a little wall hanging in her room.

I'm lovin' me those frayed edges too! I mean, how cute are they?! 

Annnnd here's my shameful fabric purchase I made the other day. In my defence, it's Anna Maria Horner....Anna Maria Horner for goodness sakes! Look at that lovely Innocent Crush fabric (which, oddly enough, I've been crushing on for quite some time--hahaha), sooooooo beautiful....AND 25% off! Now, if I can just get the gumption to cut into it...

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Amy said...

HAHA I do the same thing to my kids... Its so hard to let them do it themselves.... and leave it.

I LOVE it. so adorable.

whatcha gonna make with your lovely new fabric??? and how's your quilt coming along?

Marcy said...

Remember the pictures of Aubrey and the vacuum?
Oh, I can't get over your previous post! Loved it so much!

Astrid said...

Beautifulness Jen!! I love that you let Aubrey choose it and left it. That is definitely not something I am good at either. And it seems as though it's a common theme amoungst many other mother's, so we're not alone!!
I'm not a crafter, and don't understand your love of fabric and all the rest of it, but you sure turn out some pretty incredible stuff! Good job :) x

Sarah said...

I love this! The more I blog, the more I KNOW I need to get a sewing machine and make time to learn how to use it. :)

Julianne said...

Looks great yours and your daughters! I can imagine my daughter is going to say the same thing to me when she gets a little older ;)
i'm a new follower i'd love if you'd follow me back!


Katie said...

It's precious!! She did such a good picking out the fabrics! I love the design and all the colors!