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I finally got some sewing done yesterday which, to be honest, is kinda funny because yesterday was one of those days that pregnancy kicks your butt. But hey, I'll take what I can get. I've been wanting to make Aubrey a library tote since, well, she got her very first library card a few weeks ago :) 

 She's so cute when we're there, just wandering and grabbing books, not really looking at them and just shoving them in the bag! 
Random Story--- on our first visit to the library, Aubrey was doing her thing and picking books. We did a quick once over and got rid of a few we didn't like/agree with and Zach saw one that said, "getting ready for the new baby" and he's like, "oh that should be good" and I agreed.....well, little did we know, but it was some crazy random book about kids feeling left out because of the new baby and addressing why they don't like their baby brother/sister(I really don't want to fill her head with those thoughts because she hasn't uttered a peep about it yet). 
But the worst part?? It explained (in depth!) the birds and the bees!....with pictures(of animals oddly enough)?!? WHHHATT? It was totally geared towards Aubrey's age too, I want to know who tells their child at 3 ALL the ins and outs of procreation?!? Seriously??

Anyway, back to the tote... I wanted it to give it a little somethin' somethin', so I added her initial and a few cute buttons to the front pocket(which I wish wasn't that purple color, but hey, whatcha gonna do now).

And there's a cute little pocket inside for her own personal library card :)

I used some Amy Butler fabric from her Love line and I wish I had bought more than just a yard of this when it was on sale at the local fabric store back in NJ. I absolutely love (haha, get it??) this fabric!

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, but Aubrey's even happier! And that's what matters most.

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Amy said...

Love, your love fabric.... I still have a tiny bit left.... That was a really good bargain. Should have bought more as well.....
Love the purple pocket looks so cute with the A and buttons. Love the little pocket inside for her card. So cute...

And really what an odd book. Animal pictures... Strange. And I think your right for not wanting to put those crazy ideas into her head. Why would anyone want to put those crazy ideas into their kids heads.
Aubrey is going to be a great BIG sister! I think she is going to love that little one sooooo much.

Love that you r sewing again. How was he bobbin vomit.... Did you fix it?

Kimberley said...

That's an adorable tote for Aubrey! I was gonna comment on the beautiful Love fabric (so pretty! love the bright colors), the clever pocket you put inside, and the vibrant purple fabric (which looks awesome), but I see that Amy has already done so. :) So I agree with Amy! It's super cute. Well done.
And what a creepy little kids book. I would shelter Hudson from any of that info on the birds and the bees too. And you definitely are smart to not let that book put any "feeling left out" sad thoughts in Aubrey's head. Not a good idea. I think she'll adjust well though, and I'm praying that's what happens.

Marlene said...

well i don't know nothin bout birthin no babies but i reckon it'll be a bit like when we got a new kitten: some hissing & fussing and territory marking and then they'll be BFFs.
are you styling your photographs intentionally or do you have a kid's school desk in your yard? which is pretty cool either way.
my sister and i would go to the fraser street library on saturday afternoons and then we'd stop at the german deli for mom's aufschnitt (black forest ham, bologne for theo and german butter cheese) - then we'd go home to freshly baked zwiebach. to this day i associate libraries with these good memories. and i'd have been psyched to have my own tote bag. this is real smart & kid-stylish jen!

Amanda said...

Very cute tote Jen!
I particularly love the photo shoot you had with it :)
Can't wait to see you!!

Astrid said...

There is something about girls and their bags. Aniya is the same. Anything with handles--she loves it! And it's always to put the most random things in too! I lurve the bag. Beautiful material, beautiful craftsmanship ;) Is it going to be Aubrey's travel bag?! x

Laura Jo said...

I LOVE the bag, and all of your other creations! And I love the little baby bump too....:)

Lindsay said...

What a lovely little bag! I love how you personalized it! Thanks for sharing this @ Show & Share! I appreciate you stopping by!

Chef in Training said...

this is such a cute bag! I love the colors and fabric!

I would love it if you would share this and/or any other projects you have been up to at Tuesday Talent Show at Chef In Training! Thanks so much and I hope to see you there!