I Can't Be Stopped!

I'm a sewing machine (haha) these days (and by days, I mean two days in a row). Funnily enough, I'm not feeling that great (still), but I'm really in a crafty mood. So Sew I will!

I got this idea (and tutorial) from an awesome new blog I discovered, Ruffles and Stuff, and I had to make it....right away, as in minutes after seeing it on the blog. Yeah, that good!

I mean, seriously?? How cute is this lollipop?! And it was so easy to make, took a total of about 20 minutes (I had a plain tank on hand) and Aubrey loves it, perfect!

A little close up of the "candy" part. Man I'm good ;)

And this little scarf I whipped up from a half yard(or was it a quarter of a yard...hmmmm) of jersey I had bought, back in Jersey (haha man I'm on a roll today). It was so simple to make, just sew three sides together and turn it right side out and slip-stitch it closed! It's so soft and I can't wait to wear it on our up-coming Canada trip!

It's a bit shorter, so it has a bit of a cowl look when on.

I'm planning on buying white jersey and making this one from
(click on the link....and then check out the website...and their blog! You'll be glad you did....well, maybe not. You'll want to buy everything and get lost in this woman's life and photography for hours like I did.....but do it. It's good, and worth it.) 

And here I am, modelling it...

The lighting in our bathroom is not really picture friendly. Our place is pretty bright, but not enough for pictures. It's annoying.

and SHAZAAM! Here I am. Large and Lovely at almost 14 weeks. Yup, the memory foam in my body is remembering my pregnant body just fine. Awesome.


Sean and Kristin said...

Love all the craftiness Jen! You are so good. And love the preggo picture!! So exciting!! I still remember when you told me you were pregnant with Aubrey at the Beach House! Ohh I could totally go for some of their coconut cream pie or grand etang mud pie! You look fantastic!

Amy said...

Yay! Preggers pics! Love love love love. You are so cute! I adore that scarf... Kinda looks like that infinity one that is popular in the fashion world. And LOVE the lollipop shirt sweet!

By the way did I mention how amazing you look! Yay... Jen's having a baby! Woot woot! So exciting.
You are adorable and so crafty too.

Astrid said...

Ummmmmmmmmmm........you're pregnant?? When were you going to tell me?? Shazaam is right! Look at that belly poppin' out there! You look so cute. I can't believe that's 14 weeks. I think that was me at 29. Maybe it's triplets?????................I'll let that sink in...........
Lurve that shirt for the Aub-meist. And if Yaya gets one too?!? Twins! ( or triplets.......)
See you soon sista!

Amy said...

Shazaam.......triplets? Twins? Does it run in the family?
I love reading astrid's comments! Shhhaaaazaam.

Kimberley said...

LOVE the Lollipop, LOVE LOVE the belly picture! Can't wait to give your belly a little rub when you get here! :)

Amanda said...

You are so cute!!! :)