In Just One Week I'll Be...

- crying because I'm flying....pregnant. The two don't go well together, believe me.
- headed to Canada.
- drinking a slush
- seeing family I haven't seen in way over a year
- getting to squish all 14 of my nieces and nephews
- eating my dad's world famous BBQ(well, family famous)
- wearing pants and sweaters! YAY
- watching Zach's little brother (hahaha little, he's about a foot taller than Zach) get married...well in two weeks, but you get what I mean ;)
- watching my little girl be a flower girl for the first time.
- and a WHOLE bunch more!!

I'm not going to lie, we would not be going back if it wasn't for Jordan and Ashley's wedding. We just don't have the money. And for a looong time I let that get in the way of me being excited to go. How were/are we going to pay for the trip?... it always ends up being super expensive to travel back, way more than you plan on. No matter how hard you try, you get into vacation mode and eat out more. There are so many restaurants (as I listed in a previous post) that I have not been to in a LONG time and they don't have them here in the States. Not to mention clothing stores that I love and are cheap, but  add up in the end.
I had only planned on going for the week Zach was going (in Intern Year you only get one week off at a time, three weeks over the year, but you're not allowed to take them at once) because I have developed a MEGA fear of flying....and that started when I was pregnant with Aubrey and flew to England....and I'm pregnant now--not good for my fear. 
I did NOT want to fly with Aubrey alone, seriously. I end up just holding her in my lap and bawling while grasping the arm rests during turbulence......yup, I'm quite the sight on a plane.
But God provided me with the most amazing of amazing friends, Marcy. She's going to fly back to Georgia with me, which enables me (and my stupid fear of flying) to come back 2 weeks later than Zach. This is the same friend who has flown out to help us move, twice! Yup, she's amazing and is coming through for me again. Everyone needs a Marcy, seriously, they're amazing blessings ;)
And to be honest, I'm assuming God's going to provide us with the $$ because, well, that's just how He rolls!
So, I'm one week out and I'm now getting excited to fly back! Still nervous about flying, our finances, and being away from Zach for 2 weeks, but I'm looking at the amazing way's God has provided for us in the past and I know He'll do it again.
There are more reasons that I'm excited to go back to Canada, but I'll share those another time(have to ask permission to share first!). 
Now I just have to get past that pesky flight there and I'm golden! 

My whole family....minus Zach (another trip where he went home earlier than Aubrey and I)
Aubrey and her Opa (my dad)

with Grammie!

Playing with Jordan

Auntie Marcy


Amy said...

Love all the family pictures! how exciting! enjoy each and every second. Marcy is one amazing friend! what a blessing she is.
love that shot of Jordan hanging her up by her little ankles! Awesome.

Amanda said...

I'll pray for you that you will be calm and relaxed on your flight!
Also, not sure if you've heard but its not sweater and pant season here...its freaking hot! Sorry to disappoint you :(

Astrid said...

Aubrey is the flower girl?!? How come that never came up in conversation?! How cute is she going to be?!?! Is she super pumped, or unsure?! ANAWAYS---
Listen, you can totally reveal the real reason that you are so pumped to go to Canada---it's the very same reason that WE are pumped to go to Canada. LOVE YA SISTA!!
ps. Please don't hate for my comment about your 14 week belly. It's beautiful, you look great, and I did not look like that at 29 weeks. Maybe 19, but not 29. Just sayin'.................

Marcy said...

YAAAAAAYYYY!! Can't wait!!! There are so many activities I want to do with you!!! Woohooo!!!
Although I may not understand the whole fear of flying thing, I will try my best to support you! Love you!