Aside from family and friends, the thing that I CAN NOT stop thinking about in relation to our upcoming Canada trip, is the food. I'm so excited for a few things, and now I will give you a list...in no particular order.
1. Wings from Earls. Thai wings to be exact...in my book, there are no other kind. Period. The end.
2. the "#1 without the beef fried rice" (as I like to call it) from Dragon Fort. Now this place is kind of a dive, but I can't help myself. It's just the best Chinese I've ever had (probably has something to do with it being a childhood memory, family lunches there after church were a rare treat! I'm assuming because it was/is so cheap and my parents weren't exactly flush with cash with 5 kids and one income. No matter what the reason, I thank them for introducing me!). mmmmmm sweet and sour pork 'n chow main! Soooo good. And at $5 for a GIANT plate of food?? SOLD.
3. Sushi. It is the west coast people and West Coast=best. sushi. ever. Now I'm not hard core so I don't eat the raw stuff, but Zach does so I'm cool by association, 'mkay? I'm a California roll and dynamite roll kinda gal....oh and chicken teriyaki! mmmm ok, now I'm drooling. I'm partial to Akasaka or Junction Sushi (in Mission BC), just so you know.
4. Quiznos.....now I know they have them in the States, but I have yet to have an Original Turkey like I've had at the Mt.Lehman Rd Quiznos in Abbotsford, so I must go and fill my face.
5. White Spot. For breakfast...oh who am I kidding?! Any time of day! Oh man, the triple O sauce?!? Are you kidding me?? Simply the best.
6. Oh and slushes!! I LOVE slushes and they have the best ones at a random Shell gas station in my home town!
I. Can't. Wait.
Now I just have to figure out how I'm going to fund this out-of-control-pregnant-woman feasting....sucks being poor.


Astrid said...

I believe you meant number 1 one without the beef FRIED rice ( not fired) but I will forgive you for that.
You forgot Dill Pickle Chips. I can't believe you. That I shall not forgive you for.
Earls wings. Check. Slushes. Check. Sushi?!? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!? I had no idea you were into Sushi? Whateva girl.
I know there's other things that mean more to you about the Canada trip. Just saying.

Amy said...

Wow. That is a list! I thought I had some food lists.... Haha.
When r you leaving? How r you feeling?

Marcy said...

I can't wait to eat with you when you finally come. Maybe you'll finally eat as much as me now that your pregnant!