I've Been Through A Lot In My Life Already....

....Moving three times in 6 years, to two different countries, three different places where we didn't know anyone....away from everyone and everything I knew. I've endured my husband going through medical school and now the start of residency, both keeping him away from us most hours of the day. I've even moved to a new country with a two week old, but potty training....
is by FAR the worst thing so far. Seriously.
I hate everything about it.
I know not everyone goes through it as long and hard as this, actually most don't.
But I'm the lucky one that has a daughter who could not be bothered to do it.
One day it'll be all pee and even a poop in the potty, the next day...ALL in the underwear/diaper.
I can't seem to get ahead with it. She still screams if I try to do the 'set her on the potty every 20 minutes' thing, saying she's scared.
Then I feel awful, that I'm torturing her some how.
And then there's the fact that she's over three years old. Now I know you are not supposed to compare your child to others, and most days I don't. But I can't help but think that she's going to be that kid going to kindergarten in diapers.
What's hard is she's such a clever kid. And I know that she gets the potty training thing, she just doesn't care.
I've tried everything.
I guess all I can do is keep with it and pray one day it clicks.
I have to give myself grace in this situation and Aubrey too. We just moved and Daddy is at work a lot. I know that's a lot for a three year old to handle and I would not have started the potty training if she had not initiated it. But she did, handed me underwear on day and asked to wear them, and off we went.....that was a month ago and there has been progress, just very little.
All I ask is that you please, please not tell me your child was potty trained in a week, even a day(heard that before) because I might just scream.


Astrid said...

Jen--- it's pretty amazing that you've been through so much, and find potty training to be the most difficult challenge. That's saying something! But I've read on a few blogs ( and by few I mean one) where someone else was going through EXACTLY the same thing as you with her daughter. It is normal. And although you don't want to hear it, Aub-meist knows EXACTLY what she is doing, so just continue being tough. I know it seems hopeless, but she'll get there, and she WON'T be going to school in a nappy :) But remember.........cold shower. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I only had to do it two times ( and that was in one day) with Asher, and he realized that doing a wee and poo in the potty was far better than that. I know you have to get to the stage to be able to do it, but desperate times call for desperate measures. But just hang in there. And that little Aub-meist is a crafty one......telling you she's scared. What is she like!!!

Laura Jo said...

Adelyn took a long time too, Jen! We started reciting things (Lord's prayer, Pledge of Alliegiance, etc) while on the potty to make her sit long enough to realize she needed to go. Also, some how smiley faces/sad faces worked well for her on her potty chart. We also set a timer and "tried" every 30 minutes for a while. I hated everything about it too...seriously.....it was torture! This too shall pass as all the hard stages. I think I may just hire a potty-trainer for the next one though!! HAHA! Good luck, will be praying for you!

Sean and Kristin said...

I am sure in a few years I will be asking you for advice on potty training, but for now I will just be thinking of you and hoping it is going better!!