A Million And One Different Directions: A Look Inside This Head of Mine...

*Every time it rains Aubrey asks to go outside and play in the rain. I don't know how it doesn't get old for her, but it doesn't and she asks....every. time.
*I haven't blogged in forever. Sorry, but I just haven't been feelin' it, ya know? Call it writers block(hahaha, me. a writer...funny) or call it lazy, but I just didn't really have anything to blog about.
*When I did, it was a ginormous negative blog about my potty training woes. So I decided to spare you more of my pathetic attempts at blogging. You're welcome.
*I've found two cockroaches in my house so far....trying to not let this go negative....um....can't. EW! I keep telling myself, it's just the South, but we're calling the property manager today and getting him to call someone to exterminate.
*I've lived in Grenada with cockroaches, and not just cockroaches, but cockroaches that gave birth in my house---meaning baby cockroaches EVERYWHERE! That was/is something I was/am not willing to go through again! So bring in the cavalry!
*It's still hot here.
*When will it cool off??
*oh, right. Never.
*I can't get enough Big Macs (yup left field).
*Am I the only one that thinks they are quite possibly the best fast food burger in history??
*I am an unashamed McDonald's lover. I could go on and on about how I love it, right down to the creepy fries. You know, the ones that if you find them a month later in some hidden crevasse they still look and smell the same....like they've been Cryogenically frozen or something??! Yup, those...mmmmmm.
*Aubrey's potty training is still going on...."this is the song that neeeeverrrrrr ennnnds....."
*Aubrey is currently better at pooing in the potty than peeing....?!? HELP ME
*Zach had the weekend off! He even got off early on Friday so it felt like a full weekend, you know, like the normal people get :)
*Oh ya, almost forgot.... I'm pregnant :)


Jenna said...

Congrats! :-) Very exciting! Oh, and I too think that Big Macs are the best fast food thing. ever. We have made many many many late night trips to McD's just for their fries because they are THE best fries. We have Elianna trained well. Every time we drive close enough to see the big M she gets excited. "Donalds! Donalds! Fries? Fries? Hamburgers?"

Marlene said...


Love the pics, she's so cute.
Love that you tagged this post with cockroaches among other things ...
I'm sure the potty training thing will sort itself out, thankfully my cats figured out the litter box concept quickly and else I have no experience with these things, :-)
Carlos' guy Nathan turned 3 in April and he's not so into it either. This too shall pass, I'm sure.

And mostly, congratulations! I'm sure it's exciting and a bit overwhelming but I'm sooo happy for you.


Astrid said...

Your un-dying love for Big Macs is clearly genetic. However, this love is HUGELY intensified during pregnancy, this I know.
Could the Aub-meist be any cuter in the rain?? And is that a skirt that you made for her? I thought you were going to blog about the dress you made for Yaya........hmmmmmm........maybe I could do the same. Right.
Love ya, and love the teeny little bean in your belly already ;) x x

Kimberley said...

congrats once again on the little one growing inside your belly! So excited for you guys. Hope those cockroaches suffer a cruel death at the hands of the exterminator!! :)

Mary L said...

Loving those rain pictures!

Raine said...

Congratulations on the upcomming addition to the fam. So exciting :)
Im sure the potty training will work out soon. I know it is extremely frusterating... hang in there mama :)
Thanks for posting such great pictures of Aubrey. She is just so precious!

Sean and Kristin said...

you sneaky girl, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so excited and happy for you guys!! when are you due??? how are you feeling?? are you going to find out if it is a boy or a girl this time or are you going to torture me again???

Amy said...

Well, I don't know how I missed this post!!!!!!! Congrats on your new addition...YAY!

Eww on the cockroaches... nasty. did the person come out and blast all of them away?

I love Aubrey's skirt... hehe

I love that you let her play in the rain. SO FUN.

and last but not least. McDonalds... BIG MAC... mmm