Bib Shirt Thingy {mini tutorial}...

Oh man I'm good at naming posts. Seriously, I think I have a gift.
Anyway, I made this little diddy a while back, I think in May, but I didn't post it right away because it was a gift for my niece and then I promptly forgot about it and it sat in my archives on this blog until now. Better late than never right?!

I had seen shirts like this before on other blogs, but I decided to wing it and figure out how to make it on my own. It's how I roll.

So for the bib bit, I went with a slightly pockety design and made sure that it butted nicely up against the neck of the shirt.

And I rounded the bottom using a little Tupperware cup.

It's by no means perfect, but it worked! I cut little notches in so it would curve better.

I then cut a piece to make the ruffle to go around the bib thingy

I had a shirt that Aubrey had never worn just laying around so I used that, perfect!

I zig-zagged the edges and then did a gather stitch (is that what it's called?!) for the ruffle part...

And then gathered to my desired length and place it behind the bib to make sure I had the right length.

Off to the sewing machine!

I thought it looked a little plain so I decided to add some buttons, between buttons and ruffles, I think you can pretty much fix any project ;)

I then tried it on Aubrey....

....and could NOT stop laughing! Good thing I didn't make it for her.

Seriously! It was plastered to her! But doesn't she look precious?!? Love her grin!


Amy said...

So cute. Love it plastered to her... Haha. Umm sorry i didn't call i sat on the couch for a ,oment and fell fast asleep. I am beat from all the VBS stuff.

Michelle said...

I LOVE THIS!! I would love to be able to make something like this for my little girl! I am visiting from Sugar and Dots and I am a new follower!!

Hope you are having a great week and I see you around my blog soon!


Dacia said...

That is certainly adorable!

Sean and Kristin said...

You never cease to amaze me! Okay, I have been away but love the pictures of your house! I want to see more! Also, I love the sleigh bed I always have thought they are so beautiful!! AND LOVE the pic of Aubrey at naptime HAHAHAHA!!!!!! Thinking of you down there in Georgia!

Life With Lucy said...

so cute!!! you did such a good job and that is such a good idea. Aubrey looks super cute in in... regardless of how snug it is :)