Beds, Wall Collages and Potty Trains.....

Zach and I went to our first ever Augusta garage sale(yay!!) on Saturday and the first time's the charm, let me tell you! We picked up this queen pine sleigh bed for a smokin' deal. And when I say smokin' I mean SMOKIN'! Seriously, we got the mattress, box spring and bed--WITH delivery! We were so excited because we eventually wanted to get Aubrey a bigger bed(she was still in the toddler from of her Ikea crib, it was one of those convertible ones) and if we were going to get her a bed, we were going to get a queen sized one so we could have maximum guest housing possibilities!
But we were not going to pay full price for one because, well, we can't afford it! This was actually good timing because Aubrey's been falling out of her bed a lot lately. She moves A LOT when she sleeps and I think there was just no where for her to go in her teeny tiny bed.
Now normally I'm the kinda person who's all about their kids paying their dues and sleeping in a twin bed and sharing a room. No joke. I think that kids have way too much "personal" space these days and with TV's in their rooms, computers, cell phones, etc they never have to come out and interact with their families. They just go to their rooms and hide away. Not my idea of a good time, for anyone. Ok, I'll get off my soap box now. But this was a smart purchase for our family, even if it kinda goes against what I believe....that sounds warped. Moving on...
I found this wonderful quilt/sham set at Marshalls for a great deal and after I bought a mattress cover(a bed bug one, because a used mattress kinda freaks me out....even though the people we bought it from were super clean and the house looked in tip-top form too!) the bed was ready to go! I LOVE this bedding, I feel like it'll last her for years to come, not too kidish.
Isn't the bed beautiful?!?
I've been on a spray painting bender lately and have been working on the decor for Aubrey's room. I'm glad that I don't have a "theme" to follow with the bedding, pretty much anything will go. I love color WAY too much to be stuck with a particular color scheme :)
I'm working on the different placement of the frames for the collage for her wall. And the storage aspect in her room is needing a total overhaul, but one thing at a time!
In other news, Aubrey's potty training now and to be honest, it sucks. I'm not a fan of this and I want to hurt anybody who tells me that they potty trained in a day/week. It is NOT clicking for my girl, not sure why. Don't get me wrong, there are good days when she only has one accident(of the poop variety) but most days there are more accidents than not. Frustrating to say the least. I've tried everything, but the thing that's working best is the star chart. She's been doing better since starting this and we call it her "Potty Train" chart since that's what she calls her potty :) "Mama, I have to go pee on the Potty Train!" Too cute! These pictures looked fine in iPhoto, but are fuzzy here for some reason! Posted them anyway because she was so happy posing by her first stars on the chart!


Jenna said...

Wow...great find on the sleigh bed! I am SO jealous! Also, love, love, love the bedding.

Amy said...

SO cute! I love that you found that bed, It is beautiful. Sleighbeds are so timeless. You are the Queen of G saling... lol She will get it. She will. The potty Train! Sweet. love that. People who tell you their kids potty trained fully in a day or week are liars... that is all there is to it. So there I said it.

love you.

Astrid said...

I potty trained my kids in about 2 hours. No, I am not a LIAR, but I am lying. Whateva.
Anaways, c'mon. How cute is Aubrey?!? Lovin' that potty train!! ALL ABOARD THE POTTY TRAIN!! Love her.
Anaways again....... how awesome is that bed?!? And that bedding?? And those spray-painted picture frames?! You are too good. C'mon over and sort my house out. Seriously. Please come over. Soon.
The end.
side-note--am I the only one that has to always do a word verification before I can post my comment?! Does my head in!!!

Marlene said...

i love the green gator with that bedding. i really need to do a rehab on our guest room - great inspiration.

Angee said...

Love the bed and frames. I'm totally with you on potty training. I hate everything about it.