Looking Through Rose Colored Glasses....

The last few weekends I've had a standing date with Amy on Sundays....not that we don't hang out every other chance we can get ;) But Sundays are just us, no kids, and it's blissful...even if it only lasts for an hour! This last weekend we went to the Rose Garden's in Lyndhurst(NY) to get our photography on, let's just say we had a blast (duh) and I could not be more in love with roses at the moment! There were over 400 different kinds there, seriously, that's a LOT of roses. I don't have time to do a lengthy blog post today, so I'll let the pictures do the talking for me....and, as usual, there are offensive amounts of them. Um, I may or my not have taken 422 pictures that day....aren't you glad that I whittled them down for you ;)


Packing/moving update....the move happens next Sunday and as of today, I'm at the point where it's the last minute things that need to be packed. I am done "cooking" as of today and it's sandwiches and take out from here on out...not to mention paper plates, etc. Sorry environment, you're about to take a hit. I'm fixin' (yup, getting ready with my "Southern" talk) to pack up dishes, pots, etc.... and not buy any more groceries...we'll see how that goes! My BFF Marcy(ohp, and her husband Tom) get here on Wednesday and are coming with packing bells on! SO happy they'll be here for that transition...hopefully I'll sob/wail/scream/cry a little less because of it...here's to hoping. But before allllll that happens, we have to do the ever stressful border run to renew our visa's. If you could all keep us in your prayers, that would be GREATLY appreciated. We have everything in order, and it should go smooth (Lord willing), but you never know and it's going to be a LONG day. It's 6 hours (drive) to the border and we're planning to go there and back in a day....see what I mean about needing the prayer?!? And no, we never do anything the easy way. The Lord seems to love stretching us to the max in these cases.


Marcy said...

We're coming sooooon!!! Woo hoo!!! Make sure to leave some packing for me! Don't need to pack those dishes quite yet! We need to talk soon...sunday or monday??!! What day is your visa trek? Will pray! Love you!!!

Amy said...

Your photos are Amazing. You are blessed to have such awesome friends...hahahaha. Can't wait to meet Marcy.

Will pray for your border crossing.