Get Ready....

To be offended by the sheer volume of pictures....

Seriously, I can't stop snapping away these days and choosing which ones to post?! Even worse. So, thus, ergo....a LOT of pictures for you to look at.

I don't know whether to say 'you're welcome', or 'sorry'...I'm gonna go with you're welcome.

Last week we went with Amy and Maddie to Fosterfields Living Historical Farms and it was wonderful! I loved being at such a beautiful old farm, it had an Amish-like feel to it.

I was meant to live on a farm.

I absolutely LOVE chickens...we had pet chickens when I was younger...best thing was, we lived in a total residential neighborhood! Seriously, my parents got some baby chicks from where my brother worked, built a chicken coop and we lived blissfully with the "garbage disposals" in our backyard for quiet some time. Honestly not knowing it was, in fact, NOT okay to have them.

But we sure found out when we discovered that two of the chickens were, in fact, roosters and decided to let us...and the whole neighborhood....know that they were--at 5am. Oops.

Sadly, the roosters became dinner one night(my sister and I REFUSING to partake in eating Wayne and Garth) and the others went to live on a farm.

How was that for a random story?!?

Back to the farm, Aubrey was actually kinda in a decent, almost listening, mood. But of course that is when the girl becomes the biggest klutz and hurt herself over and over again. Wouldn't want to have a trip without mass amounts of crying, nope, that wouldn't do.

Aubrey was talking about the farm non-stop from that day on and comparing all the animals she saw there, to the ones that she saw at the Bronx Zoo.

And her ultimate favorite were the lambs!

They could quiet possibly be the cutest things I have ever seen!

She needs to have a little alone time now and then.

But she always goes back to Maddie....like a moth to a flame(Friends anyone?!? Joey and his cherry lip balm??)

Annnnnd more alone time....

and crying....I think she wanted a stick Maddie had. Coveting seems to be the root of every 3 year old's problems.

And this....

...was my favorite shot of the day!

Aubrey's second favorite, the baby chicks:)

A little bit of butter churning...thankfully there were two churners(?!?), phew.

I wanna convert this barn and live in it. LOVE!

Just a fabulous day all around(yes, I can still say that even after all those crying pictures of Aubrey)!


Paul said...

GREAT Pics, Jen'!! Amy also turned me on to Fosterfields--such a cool place!

I'm glad you're packing a lot of sightseeing in; There's a lot of really neat stuff around here that nobody knows about!!

....and you had Roosters named 'Wayne' & Garth'?? (did Garth have a funky comb?) VERY Nice...but, sorry about their untimely demise :(

Amy said...

Wayne and garth.... That is literally ....oh i can't think of something funny to go along with literally...
Lol wayne and garth eating roosters sounds awful. I had a wonderful tine at the farm Maddie is still talking about milking cows and baby lambs and chicks.

Astrid said...

Let me clarify, Jen. Wayne and Garth were NOT roosters. They were hens. And the eggs that we got off the Funks-because Wayne was broody--they resulted in 2 roosters and 5 hens. The rest of your story is true ;) We didn't eat Wayne and Garth cause they were too old--tough meat. I think Mom made chicken soup. It was their children that we made into chicken dinner. Man, this all just seems so wrong. They were like family, and Mom served them up for dinner. I'm just glad the neighbours didn't call the cops on us kids. I'd hate to think what kind of meal Mom would have made of us?!? On a more positive note--LOVE your pictures. That looks like a trip my kids would have loved. Especially Jacob. In.His. Glory.

Sean and Kristin said...

So glad you can't stop snapping away! It's definitely "you're welcome" instead of "I'm sorry!" I love Aubrey's alone time pictures! So precious. Also, I always love her outfits!! Look at those leggings and jean skirt, cutest sneakers and pretty shirt!
p.s. gotcha on the Friends quote :)