This is our friend's baby boy...he is BEYOND precious! I mean, just LOOK at his eyes! A-ma-zing. He's the kind of kid that just makes your uterus skip a beat.

I really felt the need to get a glimpse of a sweet baby face after my morning that I had with Aubrey....seriously... That. Bad.

She can go forever without being a pain, but today?? Well today was her day to unleash her nasty. It all started off fine, happy this morning and so excited to spend the day with Maddie and Amy(as was I) and literally before we left our driveway after being picked up---monster. Where did that come from?? And that just set the tone for the rest of our time out. She was running all over the place in every store and shrieking at poor Maddie for no reason.

I. Was. Done.

Why don't they call it the Terrible Three's??! It would be way more appropriate in my opinion.

She was "that kid" in Michael's--ergo making me "that mom" hollering at her. Awesome. Luckily once we got home(after a LONG car ride of Aubrey bawling) it was nap time and off to bed she went...not with out a fight of course.

It has taken me over an hour to try and wined down, hasn't happened yet. I was hoping that a little bloggy vent session chased with a little time spent in prayer would do the trick. Off I go now for some prayer time...probably should have changed the order on the two...then this rant might not have been so bad;)

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Amy said...

OH yes, the terrible 3's. My kids never had the terrible 2's it was always the minute they turned 3!
I have been there. It does get better and you were not that awful Mom hollering. I saw a loving Mom, disciplining her child.
You know what, she will be okay and you will too. Sometimes parenting isn't all sweetness and sunshine.. today it wasn't but Praise God that there is always tomorrow.
Praise Him for Naps and bed time as well.... : ) Hang in there! Breath and Breath some more.