The Day After....{disclaimer--I'm gonna get whiny}

...I had that FABULOUS outing with Aubrey, I was bold and headed out with her again. As I was packing her little diaper bag(yes, mom fail, not potty trained yet) I had this looping through my head, 'what the heck are you thinking?!? What makes you think she'll be better today??'

And you know what?? She ....WASN'T :( This is officially a 'phase' and it is NOT cool. I guess I should say she was a little better, but running around shrieking at Maddie(for some reason Amy was actually willing to go out with us again?!) was her disobedience of choice...again.
Grrrr. I'm thinking that a good hibernation session until she is 5 is in order. Although, I'm pretty sure having a girl makes it officially hard to raise them at any age. I know that God gives us only what we can handle, but come on! I really don't think I can handle it all! A disobedient child(mainly in public places...I know, they sense that they can get away with more) mixed in with a big move, mice, a broken fridge, a leaking roof, and a husband who has to work a lot to finish up his obligations at his current job.....I'm stressed !

I'm pretty sure that the upheaval of the move is what's making Aubrey act out(that mixed with being 3) and I'm not sure I can take another month of that! Remember my grand plan of not packing her room until the very last minute, well a leaking roof in her room just threw that plan out the window :( It's total chaos in there now and I know that's not helping one bit.
SERENITY NOW!! (Seinfeld...anyone?!)
Are you liking how I'm lacing my whiny posts with pretty pictures?!? Ya, I like to confuse you:) And I feel like maybe if keep looking at pretty things, I'll feel better.....not really working. But writing it all down does help, so thanks for listening.
And if you could mix in a prayer for me here and there, that would be fan-tiddly-astic...not to mention MUCH appreciated :)


Sean and Kristin said...

Oh my gosh, I am so sorry! I am thinking of you! Moving is such a pain and I've never had to do it with a cranky toddler so I imagine it is going to be that much worse...not to mention you are probably doing most things on your own (I do know that feeling, darn the medical profession our husbands chose!) Thanks for the picture of what I have to look forward to with Alina though :) And I love the Seinfeld quote!! Hey at least you're not moving to Yemen (It even sounds like a real place! - can't resist a Friends quote with you :) )

Amy said...

hang in there... it won't be forever. She is just going thru a thing. She was better yesterday. I am beginning to think it may be us??? LOL no just kidding. but if she is a peach when you get to Georgia I may take that a bit personally..... haha
oooh I just realized I called her a georgia peach ; )

oh and it wasn't all that bad. And we did eat a loaf of yummy Italian bread...