Things I'm Getting Good At....

*Closing my eyes and not seeing a house full of stuff to pack

*Reading all the books I can find

*Pretending not to see empty boxes

*Doing all the dishes in a timely manner--no matter if it's one dish or a hundred...because that's what I should really be doing at that moment.

*Finishing all the sewing projects I've been putting off for the last little while....not to mention all the new ones I've conjured up in the last few days and, you guessed it, NEED to be done now.

*Pretending I don't have to move.

*Yup. I'm a pro.

{Pictures taken by me in NYC}


Amy said...

I hate doing dishes when they are piled up above the top of the sink...... This weekend was like that for me.

Laura Jo said...

Could Aubrey be bribed to pack for you? That's what I would do....