Lurve Me Some Burlap {DIY Burlap Lampshade}

So I know I've been a bit of a Debbie Downer these days, with all my disobedient 3 year old issues, but I wanted to take a turn for the "happy" this weekend....aren't you proud of me?!?

I got this plain old shade for 50cents at a yard sale and I knew I wanted to do something burlappy with it...yup, that's a word now.

Amy was over on Friday, thus the pictures of me working on/with the lamp shade...

Ummmm not sure why my hair has a skunk stripe in it...

So I totally cut my burlap in the wrong place---oops! I'm pretty sure that Aubrey was doing some serious whining as I was cutting, but I'm not going to get into that. I already promised I wouldn't be a Debbie Downer ;) Soooo I had to sew a few pieces together to make it fit the shade. The shade might have also been a bit of a behemoth and I might not have bought enough burlap....thaaaaat's beside the point.

Of course I got my ruffle on....wouldn't have it any other way.

Things I learned while making this

1. you CAN sew burlap

2. burlap stinks

3. hot glue guns are hot

4. I'm glad a second person was there because it's hard to glue and hold and maneuver a behemoth shade

5. I need a hot glue gun that has heat settings. ouch.

Look at that ruffle!

I lurve me a good ruffle...not to mention burlap!

Please disregard the nasty looking lamp base, that was a peachy find that I got for a whopping $1 at a sale :) It's going to be spray painted a fun and funky color once we get to Georgia...I may be getting my crafty on here, but the weather is not cooperating for a good spray painting session. Stupid rain.

Isn't she wonderful?! I love it and so does Zach...that's always a bonus :)


Amy said...

I LOVE it! that ruffle is amazing! nice work...
by the way you are a riot! can we all say FAB U LOUS!

and it was worth the pain of the glue gun! I love it.....

Tracy said...

great project! thanks for sharing. *visiting from nifty thrifty things*

Life As A Pepin said...

super fun lamp shade! burlap does stink though doesn't it?! LOL
thanks for being my newest follower (@ Life As a Pepin)- i love having you!!! & i see we follow several of the same blog incl. my bff (Joys of Life with Lucy) how cool is that?! anyhow, i was going to email you, but luck would have it that i saw this project linked up at Nifty Thrifty!!! so thanks again! and great craft project!

Jen said...

I need to figure out how to do an email reply on these things! For now I hope you guys can see this:)
Thanks for all the sweet comments!
@Life as a Pepin...Too funny, I keep finding how small the blog world really is!

Astrid said...

I Lurve me some burlap too!! Come to my house and burlap it up---mind you, if it stinks too much, maybe not. I hope I don't get sick. ;)

{nifty thrifty things} said...

Cute!! Love the burlap lamp! :)
Thank you so much for linking this up to {nifty thrifty sunday} as well!