I went for a walk with Aubrey yesterday, and let me tell you, it NEVER ends up being a simple walk. This kid can find an adventure anywhere!
I have a tough time keeping up with her on a good day, but I have a cold that's been kicking my butt for almost a week(NOT allergies, Amy!) and I was just not up to chasing her the entire time. So I was that mom---you know, the one hollering for her child to stop running at every drive way?!? Yup, classy. Honestly, she is like the energizer bunny! It just makes me wonder, she was the most chilled baby and toddler, never getting into crazy things and just people watching for the most part(with the most hilarious face! Seriously, she would never smile...just had this stoic face on as she sussed you out). And now?!...
NON STOP on the go! She wakes up every morning and asks me where we're going and who we're seeing that day...a social butterfly to the max:)
I am constantly grinning (and hollering) when we're on a walk, she's just too funny!
The things she comes up with, I mean come on?! She's hugging this rock because it is her "favorite" one and she just missed it SO much?!? Really??
She doesn't need a playground, she makes one up as she goes along:)
And she always stops for flowers... every flower! "Isn't dis just sooo beautiful Mama?! I love dis flower soooo much!"
Can't get enough of her!


Jenna said...

Adorable! She is growing up way too quickly!

Laura Jo said...

Awesome photos!! I am "that" mom at the soccer field! :) I hope we can get Aubrey and Adelyn together again before they are teenagers....they would be two peas in a pod with their energy levels!

Amy said...

Awesome shots Jen.... are those Maddie's yoga pants... my heart is breaking : ) I love seeing Aubrey wearing Maddie's stuff. I loved those little pants... Oh my word is she ever cute!
By the way... you did it again with the dandelion shot .....

ps... maybe i have a cold and not allergies! lol lol lol

pss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe take that Zach : )