What I'm looking at lately....

So the move is becoming more real and well, to be honest, it puts me in a bit of a funk....ok, a LOT of a funk. I try and think of all the positives about the move and my new place(which I LOVE), but some days...namely yesterday, it just gets the best of me.

It's just that I'm sitting in the middle of THIS!
It just makes me go a bit spazzy. Seriously, I can't handle the chaos that happens when you move....believe me, I should know after all my moves.
And honestly, this is the worst move yet. Worse than when I moved away from the only place I really knew, to follow my man to Med school in Grenada....THAT bad.
I know Aubrey senses it and is acting out a little, although, today she's been a little peach. I guess she knew I needed a little break.
Her 'happy place' these days is in the kitchen doing the dishes....go ahead little girl--maybe make dinner while you're at it ;)! She's ALL about it and as she does them, she talks non-stop about how proud Daddy is going to be of her when he finds out:) I'm just happy there is something that keeps her busy for more than 5 minutes. She'll sit there and scrub and wash for almost a half hour!

I miiiiight have done a little emotional buying....but it's all good because the husband ok'd it! He just has visions of me starting an Etsy shop and he's under some sort of impression that I'll make money at it:) Hey, if it gets me fabric?!? Dream away! Speaking of dreams....Heather Bailey Fabric was on sale and I stocked up on a little Nicey Jane.....

Aren't they just beautiful?!? Oh man, I could look at them all day and I have big plans for this fabric! Aubrey's new room is going to get it's Nicey Jane on!

But really, I've been praying a WHOLE lot about this move and I know the Lord will get me/us through. As I've said before, it's where He's sent us and we have to go knowing that He will work all the details out.

By the way, this is my 200th post! What I want to know is how in the world I thought I had 200 posts worth of stuff to say?!?


Amy said...

Congrats on 200!!! WOO HOO. and all your happy peeps that are reading love you!
You will get it down. Moving stinks because of all the chaos... but just think about your new beautiful place.
You get to decorate a whole new space and you get a sewing room! oh and a dishwasher and a garage and a yard .... Whoopie. Wonderful. and you will live with in minutes of CHIC fil A... extra added bonus. God is going to bless your family for obeying where he is taking you guys!

Jamie said...

whoo! 200! i hear August is really nice, i have a good friend who is from there :) where both mine and my husband's parents live isn't too far from there- Columbia, SC....besides the heat, there are many things to love about the South- definitely including food!!! :)
will be praying for a safe move for y'all!