Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Oh man, Fenway Park did not disappoint! What an amazing way to kick off a birthday! Zach and I had so much fun at the game, I don't even know where to begin. Seriously, the sights and sounds were so amazing, so different from the Yankee Stadium that we've been to twice. Zach made a comment of how quiet the stadium was(no noisy announcements and bells and whistles...the fans were still yelling and puttin' on a show!) and we realized we were so used to the hoopla of Yankee Stadium and there was none of that at Fenway. Weird, but nice because we got a good dose of the super-fans in front of us who were walking stereotypes of the Red Sox fan! SO funny, the best part was they were a couple of cussin' fools and then a family walked in and sat in front of us and they totally cleaned up their act! I was so impressed, when I saw the kids I thought, here we go.... and nothing! Too funny. Anyway, I'll let the pictures I took tell the story for me:) Today I'm spending my birthday in my favorite city ever....Boston!! Did I ever mention how much I LOVE it??? ;)


Kimberley said...

Love the pics of Boston! You totally make me want to go there!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN JEN!! Love you lots!

Laura Jo said...

Awww, fun!! Happy Birthday Jen!! I don't think I ever messaged you!

Astrid said...

Wow. What an experience, Jen! Now you'll just have to how The Masters compares in Augusta!!