I Wish.....

*that I was already living in my house in Georgia....
*that New Jersey would stop having such schizophrenic weather
*that I didn't have a mouse(most likely mice) in the house
*that said mouse/mice hadn't got into Aubrey's Birthday chocolate....that was in the gift bag already...and I had to throw away...and Aubrey was devastated:(
*that my house would pack itself
*that I had motivation to work out
*that chocolate wasn't so stinkin' tasty
*that Aubrey wasn't so stinkin' cute because it plain ol' hurts to love her so much!


Amy said...

That.. was ... one of my very favorite posts.. Beautiful!!!!

Kimberley said...

Ok seriously...the most amazing & beautiful picture I've seen in a long time!! Wow, she's gorgeous and what a picture perfect memory you captured...wanna take pics of Hudson the next time you come home? Cuz you have a major gift!!

Astrid said...

I hear ya about lovin' too much.........as you already know. And try that times 3! It's absolutely brutal!! I'm not sure I could stand the physical pain of a fourth ( both in child birth, AND the love-aspect!!).