Random Thoughts

*Zach's mom was supposed to get in last night and she missed her flight, so she's getting in later today. My heart is breaking for 2 reasons...Aubrey and Zach's mom:( They were both SO excited to see each other and are NOT happy about this delay.

*I am beyond excited about Boston this weekend!! And Zach just surprised me with tickets to the Red Sox game tomorrow night...for my Birthday!

*It's my Birthday on Saturday and yes, I'm one of those obsessed-with-my-Birthday-and-let-everyone-know people:)

*My love language is TOTALLY gifts and I think that Zach is getting it finally. Uh-oh, now I'm making him sound bad! I don't mean it like that, we're just poor and he's now getting that I don't care how small the gift, flowers,homemade, whatever, I'll love it!

*I love random surprises, so the fact that he's planned this since March makes me love it/him even more!

*If you are either a die hard Red Sox fan or a die hard Yankees fan, I apologize in advance for this next comment...

*Zach and I can't pick a team. We love the whole rivalry business and can't get enough of it! So even though we live in the NYC area, we can't commit to just the Yankees. We just love them both...sorry.

*whew. I feel better having got that confession off my chest.

*This spacing is off again?!? What is up with this stupid thing???

*Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE Boston?? I do. I LOVE Boston. So much that I have to write LOVE in capitals every time, see? LOVE LOVE LOVE Boston:) And Boston in the Spring?!! Are you kidding me?!? *This is the second East Cost birthday(out of 3 so far) that I've spent in Boston(LOVE!!). Now that is a yearly tradition I can get behind!

*If you asked me where my dream place to live is? Boston, hands down! Why? Because I....you guessed it---LOVE it!

*something I'm not excited about----I have to go back to the DMV today. Yes again. At least I have my wonderful companion, Amy, to go with! Bless her, she's going with me again today and that's the only reason I'm not dreading it.


Jenna said...

I love your random posts! Have a great time in Boston and at the Red Sox game. That sounds like an AWESOME way to spend a birthday!

Amy said...

Well, I still love you and Zach even though you like the Red Sox's Pretty sure i can't say the same thing about Dom....
tell me your secrets oh wise one... how on earth did Zach figure this out about the gift thing? I can't seem to get Dom to figure out and it has been over 20 years....
So glad I get to be with you for all the joy and love of the NJ DMV!
and last but not least , your blog looks amazing. The bunting and the painted chippy boards and the font.... NICE! love it.
How Cute is Aubrey! can't stand it so dang cute.

Astrid said...

Look at my little Aub-meist! How cute is she, with her hands cupped round her face. Missing her!!
side-note---boooooooo about Grammie. That sucks!!