Random Thoughts....

*Zach has the computer...therefore no pictures:(

*I haven't blogged in over a week and that's a weird feeling!

*I'm excited to have normal, non-hit-and-miss, internet back!

*Got home from Grenada on Saturday night....actually Sunday morning at 3am....I'm still tired.

*Aubrey decided that napping during our whole travel day on Saturday was not cool...but we won in the end, she slept through our last flight!!

*We waited 9 hours in the Miami airport...that is officially too long to wait with an almost three year old, over tired, child.

*I came home to a messy house.

*I love that my hair gets super blond in the sun:)

*I love that Aubrey's hair goes super curly in the humidity...

*I hate that it doesn't in NJ:(

*My parents are coming to visit next week and Aubrey is so pumped:)

*My parents are coming to visit next week....and my house is a mess.

*I'm starting my spring cleaning tomorrow.

*Today I'm focusing on the boatload of laundry I still have to fold from our trip:(

*My house is a mess....

*I have to still make my mom's birthday present....annnnnnd she's coming in a week....

*Instead of cleaning this morning I was looking at blogs and fell in love with this one

....and the room!!

*My morning has not been productive.


Amy said...

That room.... Oh is so lovely. I love the bunting hung over the rails....
Love your random thoughts
Love your blogging...
Missed your pictures....
Can't wait to see Aubrey with curls!
Your parents are coming?.....
Your house is a mess. You better get to it girl.

Your parents are coming. How cool is that!
Glad you are home.

Been snuggling Maddie all morning on the couch... She is not feeling well.... Boo Hoo

So I have not had a very productive day either.

Astrid said...

I have had a SUPER productive day. Shame on you sister!! :)
Glad you are home and that we can now chat, and connect regularly.
My random thought--Go on Spotify, download it if you haven't already, and listen to The Script. I'm listening to them right now and it's putting me in a really good mood.
Right, speak soon. Get cleaning that ridiculously filthy house! Mother will be there, criticizing you, soon enough.GOOD LUCK WITH THAT! :)
Love ya! x x

Jen said...

Astrid, I feel so much better about myself, thanks;)
Amy, I know, I WANT THAT ROOM FOR AUBREY!!! I'm getting excited for her new room, and a blank slate, in Georgia.
I'm happy to report that I did finish the laundry....buuuut that was about it....ooops

Stefan said...

liebe Jenny -
i love your blog, it's like we're related or something :-)
your mom is coming, thank goodness my mom doesn't travel.
in the midst of some stupid teenager argument lydia said to me "You don't want to but you would LIKE to" - and i have not forgotten it. at the time it made no sense, stll doesn't, except in mom logic.
(ha ha sidenote: i saw this lady coming out of a grocery store the other day and I swore she was your mom's doppelganger -looked just like her, even the haircut!).
okay and your pictures are amazing - seriously you need to submit them to some magazine or something, the quality of each shot gets better and better.

Thinking warm happy productive thoughts for you - if your mom is like mine there's only so much you can do, so don't sweat too much.

"Oh Leni your hair is so pretty today, I wish it looked that nice on your wedding day" - love those menno moms!

Stefan said...

shoot that last comment was from me i just used a google email account stefan set up for tilly & i ages ago. /Marlene

Jen said...

Thanks Marlene, aka Stefan;), for the nice comments abut my pictures:)
I keep replaying what Tante Lydia says to you...at least I know I'm not alone! Passive agressiveness is the classic Menno trait...every comment is laced with a little dig at the end! Gotta just roll with it!